BiPolar Testosterone - A Cure - or Total BS

A recent post contained an article boasting about a cure for PCa....the truth is the men were asymptomatic with a low to moderate metastatic cancer burden. The men were continued on ADT and received a supraphysiologic dose of T for 28 days along with etoposide a form of chemo. It appears the treatment is a way to keep the PCa androgen sensitive more than a cure which is still a way to beat death from CRPC.

One guy developed a supraphysiologic erection and died of a heart attack after 37 hours of non-stop sex...holy cow..this is how I want to go...sure beats the morphine drip!


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  • I wouldn't call it a cure either. I go to clinic at Johns Hopkins with one of the doctors running the U.S. Phase II trial. We have talked about the trial several times. I'm not at a stage where it makes sense to join the trial, but I'd be willing if I were. The results so far suggest success for some men, though I don't think they can yet explain exactly why.

  • I have oncologists on both coasts. The one in Seattle has mentioned trying the high dose testosterone several time, but the one at Duke is skeptical. I will probably come up again soon after we see the results of the liver biopsy I had on Wednesday. Meanwhile, I had my 22nd chemo treatment today. So far I have not had the normal chemo side effects except hair loss! Knock wood!

  • Please, please please don't try this yourself. It is NOT ready, by any stretch of the imagination, for prime time.


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