Difficult Recovery from HIFU

It has been several weeks now from surgery. I am not doing well. Very painful urination with some hematuria. The supra-pubic catheter comes out in a couple of days. That will be a mixed blessing since I just developed urge incontinence yesterday. The pain isn't just during urination. I am imagining a problem in the prostate which just isn't healing, at least quickly. I don't know if my local urologist can deal with these post surgery issues and my out of network surgeon is a thousand miles away. I was hoping for a routine recovery but am dealing with pain and now incontinence. I did some research:


I was hoping for better. I am disappointed and dispirited now.

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  • Hi WSO. I had HIFU done in May of this year and only had a catheter for 10 days. 10 lonnnng days, but I survived. Prior to the HIFU, I had PVP done by the HIFU doctor. After having the HIFU procedure done out of network, I made an appointment with my in network Urologist for follow-ups. He is a surgeon and was totally understanding with my HIFU decision. So no pain, no discomfort (except the catheter) and a good urine stream.... until September. In Sept, I started having trouble with urinating and pain. Had my urologist do all the tests and he found calcified tissue in my urethra and prostate. Very painful. But he did a TURP and now all is good. No incontinence, no ED, no pain, NO cancer. Yes, I would do it again.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had TURP for BPH ten years ago so I was a ready candidate for HIFU. I'll keep your history and the TURP fix in mind if I develop a problem down the road. My urologist/surgeon isn't at all understanding about HIFU. Maybe I need to find another urologist.

  • What a difference a couple of days make. I finally got the infernal suprapubic catheter removed. All pain, other than stinging urination, gone. No more excruciating spasms and attempts to void an already empty bladder. No more feeling impaled when sitting down. Urge incontinence all but gone (lasted the night without external catheter or other means; did have to quick step it a couple of times but no accidents). My only complaint now is painful urination but saw this from a UK HIFU website: "Urinary symptoms such as stinging when passing urine and poor flow of urine may be experienced in the first 3 months following HIFU" So, I just need to be patient (has been 5 weeks now) and I'll ask my urologist to prescribe pyridium as a urinary tract pain reliever. My local urologist didn't want me to go the HIFU route and exhibited a bit of "I told you so" attitude when I laid out the complaints I listed above. I remain hopeful that things heal up with time and that the HIFU procedure succeeded in eradicating the stage 2 cancer.

  • It gets better. Sounds to me like you need a new urologist that appreciates the benefits of HIFU. Good luck!

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