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Prostate cancer goes from being a chronic disease that can be controlled with ADT to a a fatal disease when it changes to CRPC. Is there a combination of supplements and drugs that can block the pathway the cancer uses to become CRPC. My bet is there is and so far I have come across 5 cases of PCa G 7 (4+3) or higher where the men have been on IADT for 7 years or longer. In all cases they were taking pomegranite, lycopene, curcumin, resveratrol, zinc, boron, and metformin as part of their supplement regimen in addition to IADT. Anyone have success with any other supplements.

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  • In the above post I left out Avodart and Arimidex in addition to metformin, pomegranite, lycopene, curcumin, resveratrol, zinc, and boron and IADT.

  • PCRI 2016 LAX Marriott Dr Snuffy Meyers backed off on pomegranate. He had been challenged last year by Dr Mark Moyad. Apparently this year, results were published from a few clinical trials of pomegranate. Wait for the DVD of the conference.

  • I'm using green tea extract with good results. Also, using pepper with curcumin seems to create a synergy effect.

  • My brother is doing quite well having Cottage Cheese with Flaxseed oil for breakfast every day. Also large doses of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. He also has green tea numerous times a day. No sugar in his diet nor any red meat or dairy (except FOCC above). Exercising each day is critical as is Peace of Mind. He has had all amalgam fillings replaced, I detail all this in my new PCa book launched on Amazon this month.

  • what is the title of your new book?

  • An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today

  • thank you

  • The ketogenic diet is a must.

  • I have been on ADT for 10 year. Along the way I have tried different natural remedies, Essiac tea, pomegranate juice, Selenium and Vitamin E, etc. When one stops working go to another. I have been fighting this disease for 24 year. The things that have been constant all along is green tea and vitamin D3.

    There are websites that will give you a large number of things to try. Some of these alternative treatment will work for some and not others, some are down right silly. You have to me your own judge.

  • How much Vitamin D3, IUs, do you take daily. Another two years and you will be a marathon man. I admire your longevity! Keep up the good fight.


  • I take 1000 IU's of D3 daily in the Summer and 5000 IU's in the Winter. A doctor once told me my D level was low and I should be taking D3.

  • Thank you for the info.


  • THis guy says more, plus he seems nice.

  • Gleason 4+4, but never an alarming PSA, after cry on ADT for less than one year(hard that). For eight years I have kept a daily record of near everything I do and eat, step 1. Yes I take aquarter dose aspirin every other day, daily D and calcium. Green tea unsugared, minimize dairy products, balanced meals, walk 2×'s daily and conditioning exercise. Bottom line is to record, eat and exercise in moderation. Add face to face cancer support group and weekly worship service for moral support.

    To me living with prostate cancer is tolerable with a resonable commitment to quality of life.


  • I take modified citrus pectin, Curcuminoids, calcium (on hormonal therapy), vitamins D3, K1, K3. Just as important, I stay away from Dairy and red meat.

  • Things that might prevent cancer may not fix it once it has happened. I would say do not place too much faith on diet. Of course eat better and watch your numbers. Heart healthy is good for cancer too. Statins, metformin, aspirin, Vitamin D3. That's about as far as I would go. Selenium fortified pomogranate - no. Messing with DHT is a real gamble.

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