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The FDA List of Fake Cancer Cures


The problem with taking supplements... it is so hard to determine if they are delivering any benefit in the fight against basically take them on faith and it is easy to spend $700.00 a month...I have not found a supplement that lowers PSA but it looks like a well designed protocol could slow the growth or doubling time..To me the holy grail would be to find a supplement protocol that could be taken with IADT that would prevent the development of CRPC.


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Gus, that is exactly what I am doing--taking a supplemental protocol, determined by myself, where all the components either cause Apostasies, Ocosis, or stop Angiogenesis with remarkable results in vivo and in vitro--with my triple blockade. Additionally, I may make it a Quadruple, or Quintuple Blockade, by adding Proscar and DIM--to the Avodart. The more things that stops the formation of Estradiol the better. Going fishing soon!


Might you share your protocol, Nalakrats?

If you can pull up all my posts I did a complete one for a Lady in Australia, who wanted a list of what I take. That would be easier than redoing it.

One thing that might be confusing is I now break my list into sections;

1] Those supplements going after Pca cells in the Blood, or stopping Angiogenesis

2] Those for Bone Health, to offset the affects of ADT

3] Those supplements to maintain muscle mass and for weight lifting, whereby my T is still zero

4] Those for General Health

5] Those for Joint health, arthritis and memory

So you can say, I take a lot of things thru the day, and I have to find time for my Pca meds.

One thing to note, in my case my Metastatic Cancer that escaped around the time of my RP, was determined by my Urologist and Radiation Oncologist, to be micro-metastasis, and could not ne found by CT and MRI scans--with bones and Lymph nodes clear---yet post surgery my PSA was near 8 as if I did not have any surgery. So I could not have radiation. This good fortune if you want to call it that, allowed me to attack the Pca, as it was running around in the blood, and had not landed yet, even though the PSA was high. I believe the supplements have and had a good ability to come in contact, with the Pca cells, while they were and are still in the blood. Once Pca lands in bones, organs, or starts building highways[angiogenesis], supplements may not, and are probably not as affective--but do offer some help. Pathology type also plays a big role. Not all cancers are the same--what do we have?--I am told 30 variants. So what might work against my Pathology may not work against your Pathology. Some Pathologies, as soon as they get a whiff of ADT, they run and hide and die quickly, others put up armor and fight for months, and you never get to undetectable. It is complicated!


Which supplements fall under halting angiogenesis that has already begun since most men with advanced cancer do fall into that catergory? ty for your research. very interesting to follow

The reported supplements--having an effect are D3, Sodium Selenite--not selenate. Pectasol-C. Glutathione, 5-Loxin, and Vitamin K1--which acts differently by causing ocosis[a kind of cell death].

There are other theoretical ones--but this is my personal list. I am not a Doctor. So what I indicated above use with caution, if you are going to take.


Brent, I forgot another good source is pjoshea here. I do not know if he ever put his list together---as he has been asked. If he is like me his protocol is active, and changing--meaning there are substitutions as more studies indicate new supplements that come about with some scientific back-up.


Nal, are foods like soy products and phytoestrogens bad for pca because testosterone metabolized into estradiol? please confirm. happy fishing xo

There are a number of pathways to get to Estradiol. Yes they can come from foods. My wife had Breast Cancer--12 years ago, and we keep her off all Soy products, and those foods, like [yams] that might contain molecular components that can break down to Estradiol. She is on my Supplemental Plan and cancer free now 12 years.

I am not as worried about what comes from foods, as I am what is produced by the metabolism by-products, of certain components that are naturally in the Body. Upon eating much goes thru the sewer, not all, before being absorbed.

My main concern would be making sure your T is low so your body cannot convert it to DHT. DHT will create Estradiol if not controlled by a 5-Alpha Reductase Enzyme. The Adrenals will produce DHEA, and some T, and can go thru the metabolic process to creation of Estradiol. In actuality the breakdown is to 3 Estrogen by-products of which one is Estradiol. The other 2 are not considered harmful.

So in my case I use a triple blockade against Estradiol formation. They are Proscar, Avodart, and a special Microencapsulated DIM, Di-Indole Methane, from a company, Bioresponse in Colorado. Dr. Zeligs, has many papers on this subject--call and get a free 20 page Brochure. He is published at the National Cancer Institute, this year for the first time, which is reaching the Big Time. I have spoken with Zeligs by phone twice--he is in my opinion the premier expert, as to Hormonal Balance,, and why Estradiol needs control.

So I ate my Yams at Thanksgiving--but I also had my medications--If getting DIM--Get the higher dose--150, or 175. how you get to it.



Well, this is a hoot! Jim Bob Billhilly can encapsulate the piss from the cows on the farm. Label it as a cure-all, the office is a P.O. Box, and no one knows the better. Free enterprise!



What a useless list! Looks like a small number of products where the company has made unsubstantiated claims.

Amused to see Pectasol there! But the FDA letter went to John Seleen, JHS Natural Products [1], not Eliaz at ecoNugenics [2].

i.e. the FDA has no problem with products, per se, but does have a problem with promotional claims.

& these claims can be backed up by a hundred studies, but the FDA doesn't care. As soon as you mention a cancer study, you are selling a drug, not a supplement. & you can't do that without FDA approval.




What even makes the issue about supplements more difficult is that if we discover a good protocol we have no guarantee that the next bottle of what ever we are taking will actually have the same ingredients in it!


Daddyishealing in reply to JoelT

Sad but true. of you know of any companies not under the radar let me know country life, and vita cost and garden of life were once considered top quality. does anyone on here juice vegetables ? at least then one can grow own organic garden and know what they are ingesting . I've been pushing my dad but he refuses to give up twizzlers . the juicing I know first hand helps inflammation but it's a big commitment and I have an extra juicer that is a high end extractor used for cancer patients if anyone needs. my hands are to arthritic to cut for the small drop hole.

Burnett1948.Im taking turmeric in form of golden milk with black pepper , a glass of pomegranate juice ,broccoli lightly steamed and 3-4 cups green tea a day plus a apple and sometime some wall nuts. This came from a English University. My PSA reduced from .9 to .87-6mths, I then took turmeric tablets instead of the golden milk mixture. My PSA when to 1.24-6mths.I went back to the milk for the last PSA-3mths and my PSA stayed at 1.24.

Very interesting. Ty I wasnt aware of the Golden milk. thx