VA ratings and C&P exam for Prostate cancer

Hello all,

I'm hoping a fellow vet with agent orange proven prostate cancer can help me out here.

Last year I was diagnosed,(biopsy proven) stage 4 with mets to bones. I applied for compensation and granted 100% based on my VA medical records and a C&P exam by a VA doctor. In his notes he stated that due to my metastatic condition, no further exams would be necessary.

One month ago the VA performed another bone scan that showed the mets to my bones remain without progression. My psa is also very low.

Today I received a letter that has ordered me to return to the VA for another C&P exam for my prostate cancer.

Has anyone else experienced this ordeal of being forced to return for another rating exam? If so, could you please share the outcome?

Thanks everyone.

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  • I have PCA and am 100% disabled vet. I recall having to go back to VA hospital twice years ago for the slam dunk exam. Go with the flow. I think most counties in US have state employed VA service officers to help you. Look in state and county sections of phone book for VA Service officers. They work for state and NOT the VA. Give a call.

  • did you have any problems at your"slam dunk" exams? This matter has me stressed to the max.

  • No, the doctors just looked over the paperwork and maybe did PSA test but no one gave impression anything was wrong. My thought was that since so much money was committed at 100% rating, VA wanted to be sure no one was slipping someone in. I think I had to go back for these perfunctory exams twice in a period of less than two years but since then (2008?) nothing. Relax brother.

  • thanks for the information.

  • I am also rated permanent 100% by the VA for recurrent prostate cancer. Ever since I was rated 100% I have never had to return to the VA for another exam. I was rate 100% 8 years ago. Is your rating permanent or temporary? You should be rated 100% permanent with your diagnosis. You sometimes have to appeal a temporary 100% ruling to get it changed to permanent.

    There are also other benefits that are part of 100% permanent rating.

  • they rated me temporary for whatever reason enough though i proved i'm stage 4.

  • I have been rated temporary 100% for my Agent Orange presumed Prostrate Cancer and 60% for my bone mets. I expect an exam by the VA in 6 to 12 months per the paperwork provided. I was awarded the temporary classification without seeing a VA doctor, just records and affadavits from my primary oncologist. I don't see this as an issue. Per the suggestion previously, I will request a permanent classification when I see the VA doctor.

  • thank you for the information.

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