Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Carbon-11 Acetate PET/CT

I am being scheduled for a visit to Phoenix Molecular Imaging in late August/early September for this scan.

Have numerous cancerous lymph nodes in pelvis and abdomen which prevented either surgery or radiation. ADT has kept me alive since diagnosis in 8/2012. PSA has been steadily rising for past year in spite of 10 drug mix.

Has anyone had this scan?


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Hi Vandy,

I did a quick web search and found that the Carbon-11 is similar to the F-18 flouride scan, in that it is more precise than other methods for determining mets. I recently had the F-18 scan. Same procedure, just a different type of contrast. It did find faint mets in my spine, in four spots. Now it's on to an MRI of the spine to determine just how dense they are. I don't know if 'dense' would be the right term to use here. But, my onc says it gives a better picture of the met. I had read before I had it, that the F-18 was 45% more accurate than a standard pet.

Peace, Joe


Just had a C11 acetate PET/CT and the NAF 18 bone scan with Dr. Alameida in June. I found the process to be be very easy. The facility is well organized and the staff is professional. Dr. Alameida spent a lot of time going over the scans. The extreme heat during the time I was in Phoenix was the only downside:) If you would like more details, please let me know.


Hello 69: Read my docrok post just prior to yours. I just had a form of the same test and got results on where the Cancer is. I hope I can trust the findings. So the test is out there and only used at Mayo in Minnesota as the best one they have for PC Dr. Kwon says.

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Hi docrok,

Saw your posting but was confused. Mayo uses C-11 Choline and Phoenix uses C-11 Acetate, but I guess the process and results are similar?



Hi 69. I know that there are two types of these Acetate tests. Not sure of the pros and cons of each. Perhaps different providers, makers of these tests. One doc uses this, the other that. I have to trust Kwon and I may ask him next time what is the difference between the two. Thanks again 69.


I had C11 Acetate at the Univ. of Kansas Hospitcal in KC in Nov. In retrospect I would have it in Phoenix as Dr. Almeida is as interested in what you do WITH the scan as he is giving and developing it. He is connected w/ rad-oncs who will do focal Tx.

BTW from what I know, it is far superior to the Sodium Fluoride PET for soft tissue lesions. I had one of those a few years ago along w/ a 3T MRI w/ Feraheme and neither showed anything. C11 showed 2 spots in bed that I am having zapped now.


Hi bldn10,

You anticipated my next question which was why C-11 Acetate rather than F-18 Sodium Fluoride. Thanks to all who have responded. I look forward to this scan to find out what is happening and to plan next phase of my battle!


Hi # 10. Zapped meaning with radiation? What type? Proton therapy by chance? I have been radiated twice now so no more radiation possible in prostate bed. And like I said, not too keen on hormones buddy. Tx for your concern. Doc


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