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PSMA 68 Galleon Pet Ct Scan

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Checking on trying to get the new 68 Galleon Pet Ct scan PSMA that is only offered at a few hospital research centers and it seems like it really detects tumor cells from head to hips....Has anyone had this scan or know of any side effects? May be too early...My HIFU that I had 3 years ago, PSA 1.3 has gone up to 3.7. Doctor wasn't sure if he got it all and maybe not....

23 Replies
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Where are you located?

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I had 4 Ga 68 PSMA PET/CT. No side effects. You can get one at UCLA. It cost $ 2750. There are clinical trials. Go to and search for prostate cancer and Ga 68 or DCFPyl PSMA.

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Schwah in reply to tango65

I have one scheduled in two weeks. Now up to $2,860. How did yours go?


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It went well. No metastases. All the positive PSMA lymph nodes detected on 2 scans in 2016 (August & October) were PSMA negative confirming the scan I had in December 2016 after the Lu 177 treatment done in October 2016.

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Gee for the price others are quoting of close to $3000 you could buy a plane ticket to Australia and get one done here and have a great holiday for the same cost. My last GA 68 PSMA scan was A$600 which is about US$400.

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tango65 in reply to Chask

Which Medical center?

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There are several, I had my last one done in Canberra, at the Canberra Imaging Centre, but there also options in All Capital cities, ie Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Not sure about Adelaide.

Should add that I really don’t know what the cost would be for overseas visitors. You would need to make your own enquires for that.

I am just thankful for our Australian Universal Health Care system.

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tango65 in reply to Chask


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Woodlocker in reply to Chask

Yes. What medical center???

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I had one and with a persistent PSA after RARP of 1,5, but they found nothing. It doesn't hurt, but in a study somewhere I have read, several such contrast agents application can have a side effect on your brain. but I couldn't find this study again. The long term effects on overall survival of changed, better aimed, procedures due to 68g Pet/scans are not clear yet. Logic says, it will help, but this is not a evidence based conclusion.

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No side effects. Had mine at UCSF last October. Persistent PSA. 5 prior "regular"scans show nothing. GA68 PSMA found lung metastasis to both lungs.

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Hi, not sure where you're located but I just had one at Cornell Weil in NYC. My MO told me they were running a trial, I called, made an appt with an MO, and had the test a few weeks later. Also, it was a PET/MRI not a PET/CT. May or may not make a difference to you and your MO.

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I had one in Turku,Finland, as screening for a trial prior to TULSA -PRO HIFU. There was no cost.

I had no side effects. It found mets that scans ( bone, ct, mri, Axumin PET) done in Florida 2 months before had not found. Later I was told that the scan would have cost 400 euros had I had to pay for it.

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They have changed from PET CT to PET MR @ Weill Cornell because the MRI is better at imaging the pelvic area.

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I believe it Mri found my lymph node mets

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It was a chance MRI of my lumbar spine area (unrelated to my prostate cancer) that first detected enlarged lymph nodes. CT and PET/Axumin scans confirmed these findings. I'm beginning to think that the MRI will have a continued place in the detection of some prostate cancer.

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Break60 in reply to tallguy2

Yes for non bone mets

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tallguy2 in reply to Break60


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It’s gallium. I had the scan at UCSF in China Basin in OCTOBER 2018. I paid nothing for the scan but airfare and hotel. Found two bone mets. No side effects.


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Woodlocker in reply to Break60

UCSF has suspended tests or the machine is clear answer. That's why I'll probably head to Loma Linda down South

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To: Woodlocker.

Can you tell us Your age? Location? Where you're being treated? Doctor's name(s). All info is voluntary but it helps us help you and helps us too. If you respond please do so on a future post and NOT to me. Thank You.

BTW Woodlocker = Casket?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 05/19/2019 12:59 PM DST

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I had two done, one in London and one in Munich. Both are roughly $3200 all in for the scan. No side effects at all.

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Hi, I had one done at Stanford for free as part of their R&D trial. Not sure of the eligibility rules, but proceed with informed expectations.

I had mine done immediately after an initial PCa diagnosis (PSA 11, Gleason 4+3) and before RALP at Stanford. The PSMA 68 scan was CLEAR...but alas it (or the reviewers) missed something. I had persistent PSA after a successful surgery and 15 lymph nodes (T2C n0m0). Subsequent Axumin scan identified 2 avid lymph nodes as the probable cause. So, I'm still not sure what to make of the PSMA or whole sequence of events. I have since completed EBRT and now on ADT+Zytiga for 18 months, and PSA <0.1.

Regardless, good luck!!

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