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I was diagnosed in 2001 with a PSA of 8.  A biopsy showed CA in one sample of 12.

I chose to have radiation that eventually proved to be a failed treatment with PSA climbing to 11 in about a year when I was put on Lupron.  I have been on Lupron since and put up with the hot flashes and mood swings.  I also suffer neuropathy pain, thought it isn't severe.  I had on episode four or five years ago with severe rectal bleeding that was determined to be caused by scar tissue from the radiation.  Then another event of urinating blood.  That too was attributed to scaring from radiation.

I feel I'm lucky with no other problems over this length of time and the Lupron is still working.  I take turmeric to help prevent spread of the CA.  I hope it is working!

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  • I'm glad that you've had such success from treatment.      It always gives the rest of us hope when we read about someone who's doing well.

    Besides the turmeric, I use black pepper with it, which is supposed to help with absorbing it.       I also take lycopene, which is also supposed to help with prostate cancer.         And, I have had to take calcium citrate, D3 and K2 supplements, as the ADT interferes with calcium being absorbed to the bones, and to help minimize osteoporosis.        I have Xgeva injections every month for bone strengthening, and even so, my bone scans indicate that I'm at increased risk for fracture.


  • Thanks Cericwin.  I too take the Calcium and D3 on my urologists recommendation.  I'm just now learning about the K2 and will explore that too.  I have become convinced that the Fish Oil and Omega 3 are essential for health as well as COQ10.  At 76 years my blood panels are all in the middle of the healthy parameters and my doc says to keep doing what I'm doing.  I drank Pepsi all my life as a substitute for water and way down deep feel the sugar is possibly the root cause behind PCA as there is no cancer in my family history.  I suppose there is no way of knowing this, but I have cut out the soda and as much sugar as possible.  If the Lupron keeps working as it is now, I think I should see another ten years.  I feel so fortunate and pray for all my fellow travelers.  God bless!

  • Olman, I virtually never drink soft drinks---coffee, tea, green tea are my beverages, and I drink lots of water.      I sincerely doubt that sugar is the cause of your PCa.     There are so many different factors involved with cancer---it only takes a single cancer cell to mutate and start---radiation and chemicals are known carcinogens, and now they say that bacon is bad for us, also.       Don't beat yourself up over it, as my doctors tell me because I waited to get tested and treated.

    You will never know the direct cause of your cancer.     Gene mutations can happen to anyone, regardless of family history.

    Cancer isn't always genetic or hereditary.   

    There is a big controversy over fish oil being bad for prostate cancer, so I get my Omega 3 from ground flaxseed, which is also good fiber, as the opioid painkillers cause a great deal of constipation.

    And for some, Lupron can work for decades, but unfortunately it didn't work for me as well.    I'm on Xtandi, and had a bilateral orchiectomy to try to control the testosterone level, since the Lupron wasn't adequately controlling it for me.


  •  Hi Eric, 

    Just had to drop a note about calcium levels.

    I take no supplements, and my calcium was elevated when I saw my PCP about two months ago. She gave me a script for f/u blood work, and three weeks later, it was normal. Who knows what caused it?

    Keep it up Brother,


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