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Drop in PLT and PVC

Hello everyone....just wanted an fathers first chemo cycle went obvious side effects   ....his WBC was after the first week 16000 and now 10000...on the other hand his PLT is now around 90000 and his PVC is 39....should we be alarmed?the onc said to run in two days the tests again to check the PLT ...he wants it a bit more up .....he didnt let my father have his three month leuprorelin injection.....and something fathers hair are the same after 16 days....any info on that?


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Hello again, Nick,

The major concern would be your Dad's platelet count.  It should be up to at minimum 150,000, so at 90,000 indicates his blood is very thin.  It may be necessary to stop chemo until the platelets recover, so discuss this with your Dad's treating physician soon.  Being so low is likely causing bruising and if he nicks the skin could cause unusual bleeding.    The PVC percentage at 39 is just within the low side of the Mayo Clinic here in the U.S. range of 38.8 to 50, so appears okay.  The normal range for White Blood Cell (WBC) is 3500 to 10000, so your Dad's count has dropped to the top of that range, again, apparently a good thing. 


Thank you leuproline injection forbidden when someone has this number of platelets?


 It seems in checking the internet that for some people Lupron can cause an increase in platelet count and for other people it can decrease platelet count.  Possibly this concern is why the doctor has stopped the Leuprolide for now.  According to the following the drug Neumega is prescribed to increase platelet count.  Don't know if same name available in Greece or something similar available there, but you should check:  


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