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Would anyone please share their experience of chemo (Taxotere). I am not sure it is worth it considering the all of the side affects. I had the conversation with the hematologist and it does not sound pleasant. Particularly since it is the first time I heard that you just keep on taking taxotere till it stops working or you just can't take the side effects any longer.

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The most important thing for me was it worked and gave me a good 12 months with just zoledex and low dose dexamethasone. I was fortunate that the side effects were not major, though for a few days between 3 weekly infusions I wasn't top rate.

How often did you receive Taxotere during that 12 month period? Or did you stop taxotere and then go on Zoledex and dexamethasome?

I agree taking till it does not work, or you can not take the side effects does not sound very appealing, that is what my local suggest I do. My expert oncologist says they usually give 4 to 6 cycles and take a break. In an old group I was in the did something to slow the increase during off cycles of chemo when they were recovering, In those days it was often ketoconazole, or Leukine , or some other hormone manipulation, or returning to something that worked well for you in the past. Kind of a knock it back with chemo and then use something to try and maintain , or at least slow it down, that is what I want to do. I had a increase yesterday so I am thinking in weds appointment we will also be discussing taxotere.

I have been having zoledex since circa 2004. Re Taxotere I had the allotted 10 doses (with the oodles of steroids that go with it) at 3 weekly intervals, we then stopped taxotere and continued zoledex = lupron and started dexamethasone. I ticked away on the later dose for about 13 months

Did your PC spread and where?

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Yes, I had some spots on my lung and had provenge. The spots disappeared. I have a spot on my hip bone that showed up on a bone scan. I just finished radiation for that. Don't know the results yet. I am hoping to go on xtandi sometime in the spring after an evaluation of the radiation treatment. My PSA was 88 before radiation, after one treatment it went to 85. Headed in the right direction. I guess the doctors don't know how much of the PSA is being caused by the bone lesion.

That is extremely helpful. No one here in the US has mentioned stopping Taxotere at some point and going on another drug. I need to give these doctors a good grilling. Thanks so very much.

I've been fighting it since 1996 and gone through every treatment. Since Taxotere I've had radiotherapy in spine and left pelvis. Plus Carbaziotaxol. Now looking at pahase one trial drugs having had just about every other drug available in the UK

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In October I finished 6 courses of docetaxel (Taxotere) , spread 3 weeks apart. The worst part for for me was self injecting neulasta after infusions. I never once became sick to the point of throwing up, etc. I continued to run and lift weights. Lost only 3,4 pounds (do in part to the summer temps), generally felt ok. Some weakness, a little hair loss, few other minor things like one of the nails on my big toes falling off.

I'm happy I did it when i did. My oncologist told me that I can always go back to it.

Bottom line for me, it took my psa from 750 to 0.3 and dropping.

I'm also a strict vegan, no sugar in any form, zero vegetable oil, etc.

Good luck.

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Great news, I was diagnosed 23 years ago and turned vegetarian right after. I later went back to eating fish, mostly organic. I still believe being vegetarian is why I have lived so long.

One question, why did you have to self inject neulasta? Wouldn't a doctor do that for you or was it insurance thing?

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I was an insurance thing. $2500.00 co pay at hospital, $85.00 if i did it myself. It was delivered right to my door.

We did 8 rounds 4 months after diagnosis. PSA nadir before chemo was 11, down from 2700, and after 6 rounds, PSA jumped to 36. Worsening of bone disease was evident on PET scan so we quit after 8 rounds. Bone pain and fatigue were bad for a few days, but otherwise well tolerated.

Oh, and we started Xtandi and Provenge after ceasing docetaxel.

I had Provenge Last year for spots on my lungs. The spots are gone. Now I have a spot on my hip bone. I just finished a course of external beam radiation for that. I have not received any reports on the hip yet but it feels a lot better.

I think xtandi is the next up depending when my PSA starts going up again.

I did not take Taxotere, but Close Paclitaxcel. Minor hair loss, straighten out curl, brittle nails. This is expected as the drug kills cells that are dividing - hair, nails, cancer, etc... I did not know that one could remain on the drug indefinitely.... I took three courses:

Each course of chemotherapy lasts for 8 weeks. Patients were treated in weeks 1, 3, and 5 with doxorubicin 20 mg/m2 as a 24-hour intravenous infusion on the first day of every week in combination with ketoconazole 400 mg orally 3 times a day daily for 7 days. In weeks 2, 4, and 6, treatment consisted of paclitaxel 100 mg/m2 intravenously on the first day of every week in combination with estramustine 280 mg orally 3 times a day for 7 days. Nausea, but Zofran took care of that.


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