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Woman early 30s newly diagnosed with ADHD

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hi. I was diagnosed with ADHD 3 months ago. I’ve always struggled my whole life knowing something was “wrong” but never having a term for it. I randomly came across an ADHD article online and every symptom fit my life and who I was. I’ve met with a psychiatrist but I can’t help but to feel like I should be talking to others with ADHD. My friends are understanding but I feel as if they don’t really get it. So… I joined this community in hopes of finding where I belong :)

4 Replies
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Welcome home! Your are not alone, we all have similar feelings. This place is very helpful. Please read my bio and see if it helps in any way.

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Nicolai41 in reply to MemphisAdhd1988

Red your bio. Thanks for posting that. I seem some similarities in myself and how late diagnosis and the impact that adhd has had on my life. In time I might update my own bio to share with others.

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You're right: others don't really get it. That's because ADHD is part of cutting-edge brain science, And this science of the brain conflicts with our common-sense view of things (the folk theory).

The idea that thinking clearly, that maintaining some concentration, planning, executing, estimating accurately how long tasks take, prioritizing, filling out forms carefully---the idea that all those things are conditioned on your brain and not just on willpower ... conflicts with everything we have learned in growing up.

Of course, once we take a step back, it totally makes sense that some people will have brains that are less organized (biologically) than others. But the culture hasn't caught up with this yet. We've caught up on depression. I don't think people doubt that bipolar exists or that schizophrenia is a real brain disease. But ADHD, we are still in the dark ages.

In fact, when I think about it, it's interesting that I only came to understand the condition after years, after decades of struggle. Without all those years of struggle with deadlines and forms (used to take me two days to fill out a simple tax form and I'd have all kind of scratch-outs!) ... without all that pain, I would have doubted the condition. And the title the "hyperactive" word leads many of us to miss the problem of attention and concentration and focus.

One more thought: we live in time when survival is all about completing tasks, completing them well, following through--less on muscle and strength. Most of us sit on our duffs during our jobs. And those jobs require the skills that ADHD interferes with.

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Hi Sunshinegrl25. I’m in a similar position and looking to find my community to learn more about my recent diagnosis. Always happy to chat, as like you I just want to know I’m not alone and have others who get it.happy I’m finding out the why to some of my issues, slowly figuring out what to help and make life a little smoother.

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