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ADHD or Autism Assessment?

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I’m currently going private for a autism assessment, This is including assessment for adhd too. As far as I’m aware I have no traits for adhd.

I will ask my therapist about this next time I see them.

Is this normal, or do adhd assessments also include autism?

Any answers, I will be incredibly grateful.

Thank you!🤗

7 Replies
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My ADHD assessment did not include being tested for autism. I am not sure how it works with Autism assessments.

These conditions often do exist together but that doesn’t mean you have both. Maybe speak to your therapist like you said and you could reach out to an Autism charity in your area and maybe ask for their guidance on it?

Best of luck x

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nowwaitaminute in reply to Mini-S8

I never thought about a autism charity, that’s great idea!🤔 I will definitely mention it at my appointment, thank you!🤗

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I have Autism & always felt I had Adhd too. They thought I hadn't the Adhd so wasnt tested for it..But we know ourselves more then anyone.It was important to me to get the right diagnosis..Good luck to you! Xx👍

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nowwaitaminute in reply to house77

Thank you! It’s something I wasn’t aware I might have, but if it’s included I might as well get assessed 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Actually I treat and diagnose both and they are fairly common together. Here's a good article on it:

You can have both; antidotally about 10% of my clients have both.

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Hi - yes, testing for ADHD and ASD is common; that's how my assessment worked, also. My result at that time was ASD, but ADHD is much more fitting for me. Plus, I was later diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder, which is so similar to ASD, that I don't have a lot of faith in diagnostic criteria. While I don't put a lot of stock into a correct diagnosis, the value of a diagnosis for me is that it helps me make some sense of myself and my life, and I stop blaming myself for my perceived deficiencies. Good luck to you!

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Thank you!❤️

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