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Looking for group for adults with ADHD

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When I filled out my profile, senior woman recently diagnosed with ADHD, I was taken to a group for parents with children with ADHD. Is there a group for adults with ADHD? This is why I came to this site?

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I am interested on it too... let me know if someone else answer. Thanks

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I did a little research when I was hyper-focusing on ADHD. If you download meetup app you can find ADHD groups there that meet online. Try attending those. I did attend once, i felt welcome and learned useful stuff there.

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Rocky_1999 in reply to MarikaBe


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Don't know but I am interested we could start one ourselves on zoom

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I'm looking for the same thing

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Oh man, I am on the same page!!! 95% of what I find is how to help your CHILD manage ADHD..... I am WELL past the child stage!!! If I come across anything useful, I will swing back around and post it here...

Years ago, I participated in an adult ADHD support group sponsored by the group that runs this very forum, CHADD. You can go to the CHADD page and put in your location and see ... looking back, I didn't realize how lucky I was to find an adult support group.

BTW: my group had lots of young people in it, college age, maybe even some older high schoolers. And I learned A TON from these young people. A TON!

In the era of Zoom, there have got to be online support groups out there. Worth searching. BTW: at my support group, we had coaches come in ... and one of them was amazing and I got some low-priced coaching sessions with this woman, who was also a therapist, who just had a gut feel for ADHD. I'm still putting in practice things I learned from that coach and from the young people in the adult support group.

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toriaenator in reply to Gettingittogether

Can we create one? I also came here looking for a zoom support group for adults with adhd. My email is victoria.barrow@gmail.com if anyone wants to coordinate :)

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Rocky_1999 in reply to Gettingittogether

My granddaughter who is 15 explained how ADHD manifests itself in women. I asked her where she learned all that and she said online. what really impressed me though wasn't that she had found it online, but how well she understood it and could explain ADHD in women. (I come from the generation where ADHD meant running around and unable to focus on most things; that doesn't describe my symptoms so I had no idea that I needed to go get a diagnosis, and they were spot on.) I got diagnosed because of the younger people.

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I'm retired and would love to have "live" ADHD friends. There's a CHAD group 45 min. away from me, but their adult group hasn't met for years. I tried a Zoom ADHD group for women once (not through CHAD) and didn't enjoy it much because two of the women talked almost non-stop, making it difficult for the rest to get in a word edgewise. That may be one of the risks with an unmoderated group of ADHD folks.

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Yes, although I have developed a trick when I am on Zoom so that I don't talk as much. I start out by using the Mute button. My book club makes sure every one has an opportunity to speak, so I wait my turn. Sometimes, I will enter into a discussion, but carefully, then mute again.

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Can we create one? I also came here looking for a zoom support group for adults with adhd. My email is victoria.barrow@gmail.com if anyone wants to coordinate :)

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RyleighBoy in reply to toriaenator

How best to find a doc who treats this. We're in Arizona. Any suggestions? I'm also interested in a group either in person or zoom.

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I'd like this too. Especially since there is so little research about adhd in older women, experience with medication, differentiating between life pre and post diagnosis etc. I'm quite experienced at moderating discussion, and would be willing to help in that regard.

here's a site that appears to run some support groups .... I'm thinking your best best is online-zoom stuff ...add.org/adda-virtual-programs/

Also go to eventbrite.com ... and type in adhd support group ... AND ... make sure the filter is set to your local city AND online ... again, your best bet is probably online since continuing support groups are so hit and miss .... there are lots of online (zoom I assume) support groups out there ...

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There is a 60.00 annual membership. While it doesn't sound like much, it is for low income and some fixed income individuals. Also, making a commitment before finding out is the organization is the right fit can be an expensive risk. To use the worn out phrase, just sayin'.

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Do you want an online adult support group with seniors or meeting in person. I am up for both. I live in the SF East Bay. I don't have a zoom subscription but perhaps someone does.

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