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Adult with ADD and high blood pressure with stimulants.

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So I went on Adderall this summer and while I really thought it was going well for my ADHD I found my blood pressure went through the roof. Anybody else have this and what did you do?

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This sounds exactly like mine. My doctor prescribed Propranolol for moments when my anxiety is extremely high. I relate my high blood pressure to my anxiety more so than solely the Adderall.

I started taking guanfacine, 2mg/day before bed. It helps with my ADHD symptoms and has the added benefit of keeping my blood pressure under control, which had skyrocketed since starting my 15mg/day Adderall prescription when I was diagnosed with ADHD at 36 years old.

Yeah I can’t take stimulants either because of blood pressure. I am on Wellbutrin which is better than nothing. I still have to walk 20 minutes a day to keep my blood pressure under control.

You’ll need to try a different medication.

Yes, that can happen and you need to speak with your doctor. It can be dangerous if you have uncontrolled hypertension and or a heart condition. Please discuss with your physician and a change of medication may be in order.

Thanks everybody! I have seen my physician and we stopped the stimulant and started blood pressure medication.

Yes, yes, yes. I love how productive I am on Adderall. But my blood pressure goes too high. I am taking Cardura as a high blood pressure and the Adderall, though I like two more than one Adderall.

Cardura has been fantastic with Adderall. Incidentally I take Wellbutrin also, which I have found very helpful.

Hope some of this was helpful.

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By the way, Cardura helps with frequent urination as males get older. Sorry if this info is TMI

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That’s really good to know, not TMI in my opinion. It’s super helpful in my case. Thanks!!

No- very helpful. Ive since seen my psych doc and he upped my duloxetine so we will see how that goes. He says in addition to depression it has shown some benefit for ADHD. I’m Also on Wellbutrin (been on this for a while).

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