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Newly Diagnosed with Adult ADD

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Hi there. I’m new here and newly diagnosed with adult add. I’ve started taking adderall xr and haven’t really seen a change. I still have no motivation and have a hard time focusing and getting off the couch. I would love to hear what other people have tried to help with the feeling like a slug. Thanks 😊

20 Replies
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I used to have the same problem. I also take adderall XR. two things in addition to the adderall have really helped me. first, consistent exercise. I found some group exercise classes that I enjoy at my local gym and I go four times a week in the morning no matter what. That has had a huge impact on my energy level and on my ability to get up and moving. second, podcasts. I listen to podcasts while I do housework and other chores. It's kind of like a treat I give myself. I get to listen to something I enjoy while doing tasks I don't love so much. strangely, having the podcast to listen to also helps me to stay on task as opposed to jumping from one thing to the next.

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Daytrip67 in reply to momish

I definitely need to start exercising!! I’ve heard it works wonders. I just need to get moving but that’s the hard part 😩Listening to podcasts is also a great idea. Thank you 😊

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quietlylost in reply to Daytrip67

I'd add try not to put too much expectation on the medication. The medication, once it's at the right dose, should help with some of your symptoms, but it won't be an energy and motivation pill. We still have to utilize skills and supports to do that. Things like exercise are great, but so too are other skills that I'm sure you've practiced over the years.

When you find you're struggling with motivation, there are lots of resources out there to help identify ways to try and combat this. I'd highly recommend the HowToADHD youtube channel and the videos that cover that.

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Applestoapples in reply to Daytrip67

Hi Daytrip67! Try a Tabata work out on YouTube. They are a great way to get moving!

4 minuets! Some are as long as 6-11.

I would watch the video and think of modifications prior to the work out itself, write them down, and press play!

That music will keep you going and there are countdowns.

The exercises don't matter, it's more about getting those endorphins and blood flowing!

Also, pro tip, ignore the buff blonde and remember, she's been at it for years, lol!

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TipTopADHD in reply to Daytrip67

I was a coach before covid and it does help only for a short period of time and than you will "chase the dragon"

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Applestoapples in reply to momish

HI momish! Curious to know if you get interrupted during your podcast if you can actually go back to your podcast and what you were doing? I feel like I have to be alone all the time in order to do anything because if I am interrupted it's a miracle that I go back to what I was doing. I don't take meds. I am newly diagnosed. For years, I would kick everyone out of the house just so I could put it all back together after a weeks of ignoring daily tasks.

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If you start a medication and it doesn't work... ask to have it upped a little to see if the dose is off..... then if it still isn't working after a few weeks.... you must ask to try a different one. YOU know your body... you will feel it if it is working or not trust yourself.

i started strattera and i had to have it given instead of one time a day.... twice a day because my body was absorbing it halfway through the day and i noticed a focal decline.

I take one in the morning and one at 1pm and i am great and notice i can focus the right way. Get strattera and try it instead of adderall. it doesn't work for everyone.

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Bravely_Me_in_Tx in reply to Wildfirentampa31

Strattera did not work for my daughter who is 26. I take the generic D-Amphetamine Salts X-RAY 25mg mornings and if I have class and need to focus I have the same D-Amphetamine salts but 10mg in the afternoon. I’m also 62 and diagnosed at 61. I love podcasts and I’m working on my Master’s Degree. (2 classes left) but I have a terrible time organizing my work and putting it together. Squirrel!!…

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I don’t remember adderall ever motivating me, so I don’t think it would do the same for you. It could be that you need some sort of anti-depressant to help out. Other things you need to discover is what your body is lacking. Often times our bodies don’t process what we need. In my case folic acid isn’t processed, so I take methylfolate to circumvent the process and get the active form. Other things to look at are things like NAC, omega-3, and other supplements. Many of these come in patch form, if pills are too much of a “pill” to deal with.

It’s important to remember that Adderall alone will not help. It is a complete lifestyle change and retraining of your brain. As an adult with ADHD, you have a lot to undo, so be patient. You will get there.

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Daytrip67 in reply to Netjester

Thank you... lots to undo is right!! I definitely have a lot of work to do. I will look into talking to my doctor about supplements as well.

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LM0830 in reply to Netjester

I’ve been taking Adderall since May. It helps tremendously with focus. It does not help with executive function. My time management skills sucked before meds and they might be even worse after. I will zero in one one task and I won’t stop until it’s done, even though there were 3 more urgent tasks I should have done first. Unfortunately my psychiatrist didn’t think I needed counseling or coaching. Had to figure that out the hard way...

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Netjester in reply to LM0830

So something that has been recent for me, regarding meds, is my psychiatrist recently added Trintellix to the mix. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of the adderall and has removed my impulsiveness. Not having the impulsivity has been a great relief. The one downside that I have seemed to have lost is the ability to hyperfocus. My son and I called it our super power and now that has gone. I know it's all part of the deal, but I do miss having that special ability.

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Bravely_Me_in_Tx in reply to LM0830

Me too, me too! Executive function is our biggest hurdle. I start getting ready about 5 minutes before I should be leaving…

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I also want to stress that other factors can affect your motivation. I get depression from severe PTSD and life that has happened to me in the past so i got the help i needed and take Effexor XR 2 times a day like the strattera because i know i cant do it alone... It motivates me to feel better then i make a conscious effort to get moving! It is a choice to feel better and i just had to do it for my kids.

I had these issues like you all my life and no one helped me as a kid.. i just went through the bad events thinking i was messed up... well medically i was and no one looked into treatments to help me. I would have gone through less stuff in school and relationships if i had these medications so i was better equipped.

If you need to talk... message me im available.

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What symptoms made you to visit the doctor?

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sdgarcia in reply to Ashfaren

Frequent car accidents, anger outburst, almost being fired at work ...

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i also feel like ADD.

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I've found that it takes a few days to get used to it. I think the biggest thing is consistency as far as when you take it.

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I finally made the choice I rather with this monster, ADHD, than have it sit on me. It was a conscious decision. My self-esteemed jumped, and my couch looks less attractive.

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Addrell just messed me up, I stopped it over a week ago and feel much better (they decided that lithium is better for me)

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