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Need friends/support

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Since the message boards online don’t get much love and I’m anti-Facebook, I was wondering if anyone on here would be fine with chatting on whatsapp or signal or text. I do not have anyone in my life that understands ADHD and often times sends me into total RSD/Paranoia when they tell me to just get over it.

This is absolutely frightening for me to reach out like this btw, so I am doing a big thing here. I need a network. Thanks.

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Hi this Shnookie. u have come to the right place. We R a supportive group. U can feel free to express yourself freely in this site. People here have experience various aspect of ADHD. U can also personally message me. U can also contact CHADD a nonprofit dealing with ADHD issues. They have free webinars. There R also life coaches. There are fees for this services. U do haptions and please use this site. I’m here 4 U. Hugs 🤗 S

hey, you've come to the right place. Congratulations on taking the leap and reaching out beyond your comfort level. I too am looking for a network to talk to and just connect with. Feel free to reach out to me via chat.I've got a pretty deep well of experiences that I can draw on to provide relational context to various ADHD topics.

I'm here if you need to talk, my name's Deanna. Don't feel alone, I'm told those same things and I could fix it if I "wanted to." So I know how frustrating things can be with this disease and how relentless some assholes can be. Hit me up if you want, hope to hear from you soon.

Doesn't it suck how hard it is to make friends as an adult? I lost all my friends when I got married and when he left me to raise three kids alone I had no one. I still don't. Surrounded yet isolated. I had something yesterday happen that I guess re-triggered old trauma in me and I was a wreck with nobody to talk to to bring me back from a bad place. Not having a support system of any kind makes dealing with everything so much worse. And my mom told me again I had to get over the old thing that resurfaced again yesterday. I love the woman but she has no idea how hard I have tried getting past it. As someone who never experienced a traumatic event that deeply affected her (or an anxiety disorder) she meant well but people like us need advice from someone who has battled the same stuff. Or maybe just someone who is at least empathetic enough to understand you have unique variables in your life that impact you and without being judgy and thinking it's an easy fix you can just get over. ( I hope all that made sense, I have a problem being able to get my thoughts out clearly sometimes.) I don't do Facebook but I use Telegram: will open a direct chat or you can just search @NotFred88. Or you can email me if you want (, I'll give you my number to text me anytime. I don't come on here much so I don't know if you can message people directly. I hope you're feeling a bit better today. 🙂

Hello. I do get your frustration and not feeling supported. Everything I've learned at 49 years old, after my son being diagnosed at age 4, was that there is a ton of stigma with adhd!! Even within the medical community!! People who are supposed to help treat people have almost zero understanding of what adhd is! It's totally dumbfounded me. Additude magazine, CHADD, and ADDA, have been so so informative and amazing! Good on you for reaching out. I'd be happy to chat if you'd like. This platform seems to be a place to "vent" frustration and have some empathy and understanding. Feel free to reach out.

I’m new here and joined for the very same reason. My RSD is horrible and it is keeping me from reaching out. 😕

I am a bubbly, goofy person, tho! I am totally happy to be there for an ear or smile or anything in between. 🤗

I prefer a half step down....flaten all of those strings get a richer sound. Anyway, right there with you. :)

Hi! I dumped Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter and others because of censorship and their false information. So that has left me without online friends, or any relationships, actually, not even family. I'd be happy to talk with you, or anyone here.

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The online censorship is next level! I’m still addicted to Instagram though, and YouTube.

I am in the same boat. I was diagnosed this October after breakup with no friends or local support. Still trying to understand it all. Reach out if you need to talk to someone who understands.

Hi, I havent had a diagnosis done yet, but pretty sure I have this ADHD thingy. I do great in life but the internal struggle sucks. Happy to connect, learn and share strategies. After reading a lot on the internet...and trying to talk to friends and family, I realize that this is a struggle which only other ADHDers will understand. I'm more the inattentive dreamy type BTW

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