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How to Reduce Novelty Seeking Behaviour?

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I am trying to control my novelty seeking behaviour. I find that even when I am doing something that I enjoy (like playing a video game or watching a TV show), I still constantly want to browse other games and in general keep looking for something new. This obviously is an addiction and it keeps me from focusing on one thing to completion. I guess it releases dopamine when I seek novelty, but is there a solution to this or should I just make a concious effort to restrain myself?

I tried looking online for resources for Novelty Seeking or even some in depth info but couldnt find anything.

Please share your thoughts if you have any info.


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I do the same. I don't have an answer, but will be looking for what others write. Thanks for submitting a great question.

Ugh. Thank you for pointing this out. I did this in my dating life and lo and behold, still looking for what else is out there. Was it the ADHD? Something to reflect on.

same exact problem, I feel like I'm just looking for more dopamine. I am addicted to idk what I'm gonna find that's better than what's currently in front of me, but....

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