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My life is a mess!

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I think I have ADHD

I recently had to take LOA from work because of my mental health. I have been off for about 6 months now and I don’t feel any better. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. My psychiatrist has prescribed prozac and it doesn’t seem to be working. I am still having crying spells,I can’t focus or remember things. I just happen to read an article on adult ADHD. I had no idea there was such a thing. I thought ADHD was for hyper active children. Now that I am learning more and more about ADHD,I realized that everything I’m going through I feel validated. I have struggled most of my life with a lot of these symptoms. I am 49 ! I need to find out how to get Diagnosed and treated. If possible at a low cost.

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I’m sorry- that’s rough. I’m suffering with both anxiety and ADHD too. Diagnosis came from a psychiatrist for me. You probably need a different med for anxiety, ADHD - sometimes meds help, other times - books and self management. At least that’s what I need to do , meds don’t agree with me.

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Thank you for the info!❤️

Psychology Today website should be able to help you locate a psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to evaluate you. You're insurance website or customer service # should also be able to help you identify someone in network.

So sorry you’re going through this. It might not be all in your head. If you can have some bloodwork that includes checking for things like your iron/ferritin, vitamin D, etc. most people are deficient in Vit D, which can contribute. Look to what your body might need that it doesn’t have. You should be able to ask your primary or even your psychiatrist. Also, Prozac does take a few weeks to reach full efficacy, in case you haven’t been on it that long.

Oh - and try to get some exercise and sunshine.

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Thank you for the info!❤️

I am always leery about medications. They are not wonder drugs, like they want us to believe. They have side effects to consider. I feel that way all my life. Every day I live with the feelings of alienation and isolation from it all. I relive old memories and experiences with pain. The World is cruel, and always has been, towards people who are even a little out of it. Look at most of the famous people. They are not so much talented, as socially adept and sharp. Many actors, I feel, got to where they are because they were non-ADHD. They were so socially dynamic that they got on screen, and can project themselves. Their lives may be a mess in other ways, but they are socially sharp. I used to know people back in the day, who held court. Every time, I was at a social gathering they were an art form of social balance. They did not have to say much of anything. People would hang around them like groupies, because they knew exactly how to appear confident, knowing, sharp, smart, witty, funny, and with it. Others of us are at the opposite end. And sometimes, I think it is like a friendly ping pong match. There is a book about ADHD called Fast Minds. In some ways, we are uneven. We can be so much in a rush to say and do so much. And we have to also slow down, listen, learn patience. I work on that all the time.

I was in my 50'swhen I got diagnosed - felt something was wrong for most of my life but did not know what it was- was so happy to have a diagnosis that I could research and learn how to deal with - And I am still learning at 75

And as for the anxiety- ask the psychiatrist to have you tested for ADHD- this is often done by a neuro psychologist- people with ADHD often have duel or triple diagnosis- for example ADHD and major depression/anxiety- ADHD and Bipolar disorder ( this is very common). get toested and find providers who are used to treat adults with this diagnosis

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