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Long time coming

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Hello all,

Diagnosed about 8 years ago with ADHD after what I would call a nervous breakdown. Lots of counseling by myself and with spouse for about two years. It has done wonders but still is hard sometimes. I’m 58 by the way. Always have had a hard time staying on task with anything, start and never finish a million projects. Wonder if anyone else out here reads five books at a time, but rarely finishes one of em! Have always been better at following directions at work. Left to my own devices, I will just chase my tail all day and only get half of what I wanted done. Love to buy stuff and really have to watch it, always seems to be something I can’t live without. Was on a type of time released “speed” for a while but liked it too much so quit taking it, did help with focus though. Can’t remember the name of it. Guess this will do for now on first post ever in a online support group. Thanks for reading......

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I can relate to starting books and not finishing them. It’s very relatable.

I read books from the middle to the end and then from the beginning to the middle or to the end again. Or I don't finish them. I used to read a ton of fiction books, but now I get nonfiction and read what I am most interested in in each book. They are library books, so I have to be careful where in the house I put them as my husband and I have bookshelves and stacks of books all over the place. (They could get lost) You could try a non stimulant drug for ADHD, like Straterra. I like Adderall the best for focus, but I have issues with my liver so I had to switch to Vyvanse, which was okay , until my cardiologist said no more stimulants for me-my heart rate was high. I also usually have trouble getting items done on my days off, but the medicine helps me, along with a to do list on my phone and alarms on my phone so I stay aware of the time and how I need to get to the next thing. If it is really hard to get motivated I tell my husband and he will politely ask me if I've started x, yet. Since he doesn't nag me, I am motivated by this. However, my lists need to only have 5 or 6 items on them. I try to mix it up with different types of things to do. If I need to do 4 business type phone calls, I make a list for two days and divide it up into 2 calls each day. I try to give myself variety, if I can....household chores, phone calls, errand, fun phone call(one of my kids). WelcomeTake care.

Wow! Seems we are twins!! This is by far some of the best advise I have gotten to date. Thank you so very much for the suggestions and tips. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

You're welcome!

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Really good advise.

I can totally relate. I spend so much time and effort trying to do things and find myself going round in circles most days.

Deadlines and commitments help - they give me a sense of urgency, which then boosts my motivation to get things done. Though, it’s not a foolproof plan!

Like now, I am meant to be getting ready to go swimming and I am sat here typing this reply!

Got to go now! 🤣

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! X

yes, same here with the books, have couple of books on my table, planning to read, or started and have tons of bookmarks in them, then the ones from the library are at the max renewal rate, also going in circles, and like 30 tabs open on my laptop "with the intention" to get to it, but we all in this together, really reading your post i can so relate and the others replies too

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