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Does anyone else vibe with this pic?


This meme speaks to me as a 46 yr old female ADHD’er.... anyone else?

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Haha! this is funny lol. I can relate so much to this

Omg thank you for admitting it! So comforting to know that im not the only adult who struggles with this! This explains the “ imposter” stuff i go thru. I totally fake adulting most of the time.

Lbrnrs in reply to wtfadhd

Yes! Imposter...that’s exactly the perfect word! I’ve just recently figured out that’s what I’ve felt like my whole life. 49 and faking almost everyone out except my husband. Lol.

wtfadhd in reply to Lbrnrs

Yes, that imposter stuff is hitting me crazy. Im 46 n going thru a divorce n so all that mid life plus divorce stuff has me absolutely in an imposter tail spin! Most my ADHD symptoms suck- but this imposter one is gonna be my demise!

Its perfectly normal to have thoughts of a 9 year old when one is 49 (even for non-ADHD'ers). Just in the ADHD world this happens an awful lot more and I LOVE IT!! Did I just say that out loud?

Haha! I guess i gotta learn to love it vs being so frustrated about it!

I'm 54 and some times I feel like behaving as a 9 years old girl. when I do it, I feel so one time I dated a guy who left me because my behavior when we took q parachute trip, i was so excited that I was screaming as a 9 years

wtfadhd in reply to Addmore

😂i just cant help but laugh about that!! It sucks to be the coolest teenager on the block when your 46 n really trying to fit in with the other moms!!!

Yes!! I'm only 23 but this is the ONLY house I will accept !!!

Let your inner child play with these memes. It's HEALTHY!! It's Satisfying! It's GOOD FOR YOUR SPIRIT!

wtfadhd in reply to kowalinpey

Great tip!!!! I actually do use memes like this as my get away to feed my soul. Very effective!

Same here! Plus, even the colors appeal to me. Plain colors are so boring. My wife keeps telling me to stop acting silly, but I love it. Fortunately I have at least one friend who laughs at my silliness and is the same, so whenever I need reassurance, he's the one I call.

I've been dealing w this since i was 5-6 yrs old , always new something wasn't rite. I was diagnosed 5 month ago and I'm now 60 yrs young. I quickly learned how to do things differently and still get the job done. The best part about all this is that I now know what was making me so different in every way.

wtfadhd in reply to Gymini

Yea, i wrote in profile i got dx at 35 but actually it was 39. Either way, very late. And yes, i was relieved that what i had was a real “ thing” but i was also SUPER pissed that no one had ever picked up on it before and diagnosed me!

What does dx mean/stand for?

Never came across it before.

Thanks. :)


Dx stands for diagnosis . Sorry for confusion!

Found out last year at 37 and I completely understand. My mom said she thought maybe but then never took me in to get evaluated. What the heck?! She was doing her best and I get it, but it would have saved me a ton of headaches.

Addmore in reply to Gymini

Hello Gymini, since your name does not tell me your gender, can I ask u what it is? I am a 54 years old woman. I have felt that my symptoms have got worse since my menopause, if u are a female, did this happen to you too?

Gymini in reply to Addmore

No, sorry I'm a male

Sesy2 in reply to Gymini

oh I apologize for the confusion.

javajunkie22 in reply to Addmore

I'm 52 and just formally diagnosed, although a therapist told me she was sure a couple of years ago. I can say I found focusing much harder with menopause which is why I went to a specialist to get diagnosed. I did get hormones from the doctor, however, and feel a little better.

Addmore in reply to javajunkie22

Hi JavaJunckie22, thank u for the replay. Can I ask you what hormones were prescribed ro u and r helping u? Progesterone? Estrogen? Vegetal or from animal ? Thank u!!

javajunkie22 in reply to Addmore

progesterone pill and estradiol (from soy/yams) patch - I was getting heart racing/palpitations with my hot flashes and these two instantly allowed me to sleep through the night.

Addmore in reply to javajunkie22

Great! Thank you

ROFL 🤣 I totally feel you. Omg hahaha

It’s so true though.

wtfadhd in reply to fakehackr

This group is soo my tribe! We need to create a neighborhood like this! 😂

fakehackr in reply to wtfadhd

Adhd specific community lol. Bunch a understandable madness going around :D

wtfadhd in reply to fakehackr

Yes, you know how they make those high end communities where they have like green initiatives and solar panels, n co op gardens, etc etc- all in the same like subdivision? They have them in colorado. Im thinking of an ADHD community like that!!! That way we only have to be neuro type when were outside the compound!!!! Lol lol lol!!! Any engineers or land contract developers in this group? Whos on board with this idea? Lol lol

Thanks for the laughs!

fakehackr in reply to wtfadhd

Idk if my adhd is similar to yours though lol. For me, madness is understandable but questionable. It’s ridiculous hahaha

Yep. ADD+Introvert+empath=not many folks like me. I wouldn't trade the way I am for anything!!

wtfadhd in reply to zonarosso

Ok, your ADHD is diff than mine, but thats okay, lol. Thats the cool thing bout ADHD, all just different flavors! You can make your bounce house at the quiet end of the cult a sac. Cuz seems like rest of us might be loud! Lol!

Love the Meme! I also realized looking at its colorfuIness that the other houses look so pland, and felt a “sadness” for them and a happiness for the colored. It was an unexpected first reaction.

Rrrrright!!! Lol but also the best house on the block in my opinion :)

Oh definitely!!!

Haha yeah sort of. The thing is though, and not to be that guy who takes everything and makes it serious, but you ARE a responsible adult. You're getting the help you need. Much love.

I really like this meme. I'm 40 and was diagnosed only a few months ago so still at the point of trying to find a med that works. I've always known I was different (I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as well so when I was diagnosed with that a few years ago I thought it explained everything) but most of my life I haven't tried to fit in because when I did it made me suicidal. My house is painted purple - the colour is called Unicorn :)

We have a purple house in our small town as well .

Hello ADHD peeps!

I was also recently diagnosed at 42 so I can totally relate!

Also, I am a female and I definitely do think pre-menopause intensified my symptoms enough for me to finally seek extra treatment, beyond my usual anxiety and depression diagnoses, as I felt there was something additional going on.

I am still in what I call “the guinea pig phase” of trial and error on the meds, which is no fun but absolutely necessary. I think I am finally starting to see a slight amount of improvement with this current med though, so hopefully it will end up being the right one for me.

Anyhow, hang in there superhero’s! We got this! XOXOXO

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