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Does anyone else feel like their symptoms are getting worse and more "textbook" with age?


I am only 30, but feel like my symptoms just keep getting worse with time no matter what counseling/medication/self-work I have going on.

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I would say that my symptoms have become more noticeable because I have gotten older. So it is not like my symptoms are changing a whole lot but because I am now 22 and not 7 they are less acceptable and are brought to my attention more. So it is more like other people notice them more. I also have noticed more struggles lately but I blame that on the current situation and not being in my normal routine.

One of the first things I learned about adhd was that more stress = more adhd symptoms. As I have aged, I have had more stress as responsibilities have grown. I assume it’s probably similar for lots of people. As the symptoms are more apparent, they are definitely easier to identify and seem textbook.

jeeplady372004 in reply to _Joe

I must agree more stress causes more ADHD. I work on that everyday.

_Joe in reply to jeeplady372004

Keep up the good work! It’s a constant battle, but finding the tools that work and don’t work has been helpful.


I agree with everything said. Life gets more complicated and societal expectations increase as we age. Our ADHD Isn’t getting worse per se, but it shows up more as the pressure ramps up. Have you tried working with a coach or therapist familiar with ADHD?

Jaly in reply to Hidden

I really want to work with a therapist who specializes in ADHD, but haven't been able to find anyone in my area yet.

Hidden in reply to Jaly

Want to give remote coaching a try?

Jaly in reply to Hidden

I'd love to! Do you have any suggestions?

jeeplady372004 in reply to Jaly

Research someone online there are individuals out there that will do coaching online. If you can't find anyone in your area.

I am really glad that you asked that specific question, because I have the exact same feeling. I was diagnosed when I was 40 (but I didn’t accept it for a decade!), but I’ve never felt THIS unorganized, out-of-control, self-conscious and inept in all of my life.


I was just diagonised a year ago at the age of 52. I would say yes they have become more noticable. Because things I once could do I have issues trying to do them now. I have a bad knee so exercising was a big thing for me. It helped me keep things in check. I am on medication now and it has helped a lot.

Yes ...maybe me too...I am not sure I just always being blur

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