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Know and love yourself everyday


I finally found a piece of information I can relate to and agree with.

I struggle a lot with feeling fake, especially now, fighting against substance abuse and going for a big change in my life.

I put myself down and call myself a bullshit ass dude... all because deep down I’ve always known I’ve been bullshitting but that article turned my view of my own self.

It’s just too damn hard, too damn hard to say what I want to say ALOT of the time. I doubt myself immediately and have difficulty identifying the reality of a situation or moment. I honestly can’t say I’ve knowingly been lying to myself and others, even now.

I know I’m lying but I always wondered why I feel I have to. And I believe it’s my natural way of settling the situation or moment, to move to the next thing. Or what i would consider saying, “the easy or easier way out”. I would follow up with feelings of being a terrible, inconsiderate human and start damaging my own self-esteem by degrading my purpose in life.

Getting out of that hole is even hard than the thing that put me in it. It’s like, do I ever get a freakin chance at being even slightly happy and at ease???

Where I stand today, I view myself as actively and rapidly maturing, keeping an open mind with everything and I love myself so damn much, it can feeling questionable. I understand myself enough that whatever I decide to feel, I’m going to feel it strong and so I have to agree with myself if that’s really the right feeling.

I’ve started this thing I’m calling, lying the right way. Being that I’ve been lying and continue to, lying doesn’t always have to be negative.

If you don’t love yourself or feel that you love yourself, LIE TO YOURSELF. Say that you do. As long as it takes, you will one day. It’s just logical and makes sense.

Lying the right way can be applied with anything of the sort. The only rule is, it cannot bring anything negative into being. You’re doing it wrong if that’s the case.

Love you all , hope you have the best of days today! Peace out.

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Great article! Thanks for posting and your perspective. I think most people who have it suffer from self-worth issues and feeling like they are outsiders to society. I know I do.

This is so inspirational . How did you manage to stop doubting yourself ? Are there any particular exercises that you did to help you ? I haven’t been clinically diagnosed by a professional yet but I have a lot of symptoms of adhd and one of the feelings I always feel is self doubt with doing anything regarding voicing my true options to those close to me . If you could give me some advise it would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

I want to start by saying that it has taken me 17 hours to try and reply lol

Grr! 😀 i told myself it’s ok and I got this!

If it was not for getting my substance abuse problem checked I would’ve been ignorant of the real issue for life. So for me, it started there. I started struggling (whatever struggling means for me is different than what it means for you) really really hard and was getting lost in drugs. One day I sitting in my car I had a sudden realization or epiphany and from that point I followed my conscience and heart. My epiphany was, questioning myself rather than everything else.

Questioning myself was at the time, roughly 7 months ago, like breaking the laws of the universe like it was a crime. That was followed by acceptance and realizing I was deep in psychosis and acting on impulse 24/7. I admitted myself to rehab 2 days later. Lasted 14 days, got out and returned to the same shit but this time, questioning myself. That led to me remembering , very random , something a buddy who also is recovering from addiction had suggested to me. Go seek help at a psych institution. You have private rehab centers and then you have deeper level of care which is offered there, psych places. I’m thankful everyday for having done that. My self questioning allowed me to be true and honest and they determined possibly have ADHD and some autism. It was hard for me to accept and be ok with that but, I asked myself “would you rather be seen an addict or someone with ADHD?” ADHD all the way, I felt I put myself in a state of willingness and consideration of anything told about me. I dislike anyone telling me anything about me but I painfully put that pride to the side and say with realistic possibilities. I have spent the last 6 months with them, processing grief I didn’t notice I had for my dead father and the hateful view I had for my family members. I went through a lot of pain going against every single one of my beliefs and thoughts, which were beliefs and thoughts that just made me comfortable and I didnt want anything else other than me and my things. I see it kinda childish now haha but oh well.

I’m burning out.. stopping there

My way or the highway is strong with ADHD. Find and accept the truth in that for yourself and do what I did, question yourself. Questioning myself was my way of finally getting to know myself and begin to love my strengths and defects, love myself entirely. I always saw myself as something with an enormous heart but I was using it wrong. So wrong. I don’t now though and that’s all that matters to me. During my time of making myself my best friend, I started noticing the symptoms of ADHD and just recently noticed that I would enhance them my own self. I don’t understand my own emotions, understand others is even more difficult. I compare what I learn about myself to others and go off that to feel comfortable and feel like I know what’s going on.

I’m truly not excited about my situation and having to continue life with managing these symptoms.

If you made it this far, you’re awesome and good job. Here’s my advice:

Go against yourself, give yourself a chance to learn, meet and understand yourself. Don’t get lost with others, you’re more important. Always. Disagree with yourself too because we aren’t always right, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Our best and most valuable life lessons come from disagreements with yourself. You allow yourself to open your mind and in my opinion, an open mind is the “cure” so to say for ADHD. We close ourselves to the endless possibilities and fill ourselves up with “our way or the highway” thoughts. Be nice to yourself and your brain and let it do what it’s meant to do. Work things outside of yourself, be self aware and respect your limits.

Idk now. I feel ignorant af but whatever I hold value in what I have an opinion for and know that it’s helpful info to some degree for someone else

Hope this helps and answers some of your questions. I love you and always remember to remind yourself how much you appreciate and love yourself. You are greater every day that passes, that’s truth.

Reviewed and fixed like all these typos 😀 hahha

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This is amazing. You're amazing. This is so perfectly spot on that I found myself making notes of some of the feelings that plague me but I haven't been able to put into words. You just did that for me. Thank you so much for sharing and helping further my breakthrough!

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Don’t ever forget the truth in how great you are ever. Love you and best of luck with everything. I’m happy you got some answers for yourself. I know how it feels being a little lost sometimes. But you aren’t lost, you’re curious. And that’s the best thing.

And I still doubt myself.

That’s why I’m coming back to say this.

A lot of what I said has problems with substance abuse in it. Although it may come off from a spiritual standpoint and a solution to substance abuse also. An open mind goes a long ways. Going against yourself is, was, will be my biggest struggle but I stay true and consistent to that practice because I feel better and am more happier these days.

I still doubt myself hehe, it’s what you do about it and how you start to view it that makes the difference. It’s ok to doubt yourself, it’s an open door for yourself to question and go against yourself. 😀

Thank you fake it till you make it real

Faith in what you believe is a synonym to that. 😀 hope you’re doing awesome. Love ya and don’t forget to remind yourself just how much you love yourself before bed and again when you get out of bed in the morning .

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