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Being Labeled an Introvert or Extrovert


With a better understanding of who you are, what are your thoughts about sometimes being labelled an introvert or maybe an extrovert?

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I have been labeled an introvert. I rarely reply to these posts but thought you should hear from an introvert. I think it is an accurate label for me

1andOnly in reply to kimber365

kimber356 thank you for the reply. I’ve been told the same but now that I realize how ADHD can effect me outwardly, I find it hard to believe this.

there are so many negative connotations to being introvert, which are unfair and largely untrue. I myself identify with being an introvert but I am not shy. I found this article interesting.

1andOnly in reply to dubst3pM4UL

dubst3pM4UL thank you for the reply. I was labeled shy in my youth. When I spoke to doctor and she told me about ADHD, the pieces of my puzzle began to come together. Before then I was lost and frustrated when it came to knowing myself.

Labels are for boxes, not people

A label is like a knife; of itself it is neither good nor bad - it's the use it is put to, and the effects it has that determine whether it's good or bad.

Personally, if a label helps you to make sense of things and find better ways of managing then go for it. If it's imposed on you then try to remember it is likely to be them, not you.

As someone I once knew said "I appear and act to suit the wearer, not the starer"

happy_kitty in reply to Daen

I follow a rule where any time I do something that might affect my image I make sure I’m doing it for me, not for anyone else. Example: I wear nice clothes because I feel good in them, not because other people like them.

StoneJeweler in reply to Daen

That's great!

I was told that the difference between extroverts and introverts is how you recharge. If you are energized by being with people and exhausted by being alone then you are very extroverted; if you are exhausted by being around people and energized by spending time alone, then you are an introvert. Most people don’t fall on either side of the scale though, so a majority of people are some combination of the two.

Personally I feel energized by my friends but exhausted by strangers and fairly neutral when alone so I’d say I’m smack dab in the middle.

I do get energized by people, but also enjoy quiet time alone. I'm just slightly over the line in being more extroverted though. I could not only do a job that requires total quiet and solitude exclusively, because it would be too boring.

I think that some people are givers and some are takers. They take your energy away from you, they suck it up because they have none. ENERGY VAMPIRES I THINK THEY CALL IT. Send them love energeticly, then leave. Until they change they will always be that way. Protect yourself in this world, be with people you feel good around. Life is shorted it your way.