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Changed my meds for the better


Hi there

I hope all is well with ppls.

I also hope ppls are doing the best they can and being the best they can in any certain situation ?

Just wondered has any one ever been prescribed Sulpiride for paranoid personality disorder and mood stability?

Also has any one been prescribed Amitriptyline for pain 5mg ?

Has anyone tried using binaural beats for various health conditions ?

It would be great to be offered any advice so as to help my self as well as using prescribed meds


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Ye I have sulpiride in low dose

50 mg two at day for anxiety I have the start it this morning

It should be good

It's a old medication and not strong. So I hope also it help

Hi Elfje

I’m on 175mg a day. Yer I know odd number but I’ve to take 100mg every other day with 200mg in the days psychiatrist says we have to watch my heart.ive LQt syndrome which is basically something to do with the distance or behaviour between the heart beat.

I asked to come of lurisidone as a few hrs after taking the tablet my brain felt like it was swapping sides and I would not be able to talk properly or understand things.also I was getting involuntary movements of hands etc.

I was put on a Parkinson’s tablet to help with the problems but that made it worse.i collapsed in the street a few times, had this god awful hacking caugh which would make me choke and have really low blood pressure.

I’ve found the gen 1 meds actually work better for myself.

Yer the amitryptiline is a low dose but seems to work for my chronic pain and does not now make me feel sleepy or slow me down in the morning.again low dose as of heart.

It’s a right bugger trying to balance things out.

Also I’m on 75mg of pregabaline which is a bloody life saver.helps with pain and mood.

My ecg two months ago was almost in the red again.that doesn’t bother me.what bothers me is 6 months ago the doc looked at ecg.yup all fine I’ll send to psychiatrist as he is the one who deals with all this.i get home 15 mins later I get a message from my docs saying”stop all meds now”

1 how the hell did he miss this.

2 as if you can just stop your meds.

3 have to ever just stopped Lisdexamfetamine.its a bloody life saver for my adhd where I am conferenced.

Any way. Said to psychiatrist I would rather live ten more years happy then another 40yrs totally as I was before I was on all these meds.

I said I would even sign a form.

So it’s just down in my psychiatrist report that I’m of mental capacity to make decisions and that I’m putting my self at risk.

He is brilliant to deal with as a we kinda do a deal on the meds and how we go about it 😎😎

amitriptyline is prescribed prophylactically for pain, but 5mg is pretty low dose

Hi dubst

Yer I know low dose but have this bloody heart problem.went to see a cardiologist about this as my psychiatrist put me down as an emergency.

Wow some emergency.3 months later.

All I get from the so laid back almost horizontal leather clad cardiologist is that ah it’s probably your fenafexadine hay fever tablet all yr round.

Looked it up and it can contribute to the problem I have.

Psychiatrist said it can’t be it’s not in my book so we agreed to disagree.

Now I’ve just learned from my physio that the Diclofenac can contribute to my heart prob as well.

So as you can see it’s a fine balance.

I don't understand

Are you taken sulpiride or not ???

Yer hi I am taking sulpiride.sorry for confusion lol

Sorry I get confused you taken it and how much? It help ?

Hi Elfje

175mg a day.did ask for 200mg a day but it was a no no as if my elevated ecg.

Don’t worry I get confused easily on some days

Well I am consurnd about sulpiride because with woman give prolactin

Scare me off

Personally if it was me I would ask for blood test then have a blood test in a month can then get base level to go with ?

Just an idea mind.i have bloods taken every six months to make sure everything is ok

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