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The book Scattered Minds was Not Helpful

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This weekend I read Scattered MInds, Dr. Gabor Mate's book on ADD. In the book he was able to define some personality characteristics as I know them, but he doesn't seem to be talking about ADD as I know it. Also his recommendation for ADD treatment was essentially this: 'Go to a therapist and work out your childhood issues.' The book promises solutions for dealing with ADD-- a promise that is certainly not fulfilled. In fact, I do not think that Dr. Gabor even really knows anything about ADD.

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thanks for the info. I won't be reading his book. 😃

Did you even read the book? I've been diagnosed clinically for 20 years, following the footsteps of western definition of ADD as pathology and I can assure that every letter in this book has merit. Despite the fact that he's got ADD himself. I get it if you just started your healing that you are disappointed about not finding a silver bullet. Ritalin can be that, at least for a while. But if you want sustainable healing, I'd seriously suggest to read the book again.

This time carefully.

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