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ADHD and complex PTSD HELL

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I am in such a state of hell IM the one who put the ADHD saved me life!

I'm waiting on parole hearings dececion he done the Full 9yrs is second parole hearing as now 11yrs please as I no someone read this it's ADHD all me life feel I'm to blame I'm the one who's in trouble I'm in shit but I ain't done nothing and worste is no one is gonna belive me so in end of it all I gotta get nicked to help which as I'm doing life sentance as no help multiple big bad hell after grief after being phycically ill and back drink money fucked as I moved in fear into hell I asked begged everything help please and I can't cope it's to much as its complex so I'm in system of help but non I go Nick I had enough feel so ill I been out 2times drunk in yrs as 31/2yrs sober me liver me tumor in me head me kids the crap I've had to sit there when I really feel like pulling a whatever out as I'm so ill co morbidities sorry 19th Dec parole date just gone now I sit at the walls getting drunk and it's all because the vicim liason over the years have messed me up THEY DID NOT INFORM ME DATES OUTCOME 2016 THEY FAILED ME SO MUCH THAT ITS SENT ME panic move they lied about date two weeks no 8months I've got appoligy 18tg Dec I ain't no way accepting they never new I had AdultAdhd and the Secatery left no trace of them calls in not having it I'm doing it as I'm sick of being treated like well 11yrsago and that's from London probation I can't speak propa on phone when it's grief so they beeits crap and I'm in gutter life sentance he might be out and I'm in bad as feel gutted there is no support no help and I'm fading fast can keep fighting as his freedom and I be nutted off 24/7 not a soul not one mate only the dog lloyal and fear in bayswaterfarm estate .its like that thanks for reading it's injustice I have lost the plot hopefully completely

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Hi there,

Sorry you’re having a really hard time. Members here understand the struggle more than most people, for sure.

It sounds like when you wrote that, you wrote in a panic. It’s hard to understand what you are saying. Can you slow down and try to explain your situation more clearly?

I hope you can find some help here if we can understand your situation better. If you can share where you live, we may be able to find local resources for you.

Wishing you the best.

Hello! I feel your pain. I understand. I recognize the typing as my own. adhd, ptsd, and ANXIETY. It's a living nightmare. Your safe. I touched my belongings, say what they are, to bring yourself back to your NEW home. Your safe.

when I feel a negative thought, which is 247, I told myself, "No, It's just a thought, and thoughts aren't real. It's my house and I'm not doing this. " By the time I say this in my head, the thought is gone. I've had to do this for over 2 months. I'm feeling closer to present life, not so stuck in past.

Your right, you don't deserve this.He didn't get what he deserved, your paying the horrible price instead. Please be kinD to yourself. Your not alone. Praying for you.

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