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Kinda broke

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Hey there. Disappeared there. This last few weeks have been rough, and while I'm sure politics maybe aren't a good topic here, i am really really scared.

My emotions are NOT STAYING STILL, and I'm vasalating between being angry and terrified, and don't have a safe outlet to let any out right now.. I feel stuck.

Things have changed in my life too, and it still feels pretty raw. Long held secrets, I've been holding on to out of childhood fear, I have talked about openly. Thankfully my family is generally pretty compassionate, it was still hard to come clean.

I want to stop feeling out of control. I have had so much trouble settling down to even try to meditate, or it feels like i need to switch my brain off entirely..

This is very ramble-y and nonsensical.


Going to try to sleep... Hard reset button for life

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When I am feeling overwhelmed I find it helpful to sit or lay down in a place with as little stimulation as possible, I like quiet room with a heavy blanket over my head, and just let my mind wander where it will. It helps me relax without being bombarded by sensory input and without trying so hard to be in control.

Thank you, i am essentially doing that right now. Still have the restlessness i always have when not busy, but I'm not panicking so that's good.

Also I've deleted facebook from my phone.. It's addicting as hell.. And bad for me...

Thank you for the help.

Go somewhere in nature and walk until it calms you down.

I do need to walk my dog later... Longer walk. Must find nature trail

There is really nothing to compare with taking a nature walk particularly in a woodsy area that has a special meaning to you. If you camp, that's even better because you are outside and breathing healthy air. Find that place to walk and do it.

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