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How can I find a support group that meets once a week or so of people who have problems similar to mine - in a city of over 200,000 people?


I do not put as much time into finding out the major attributes of this site in regards to finding "tips" or answers to resolving my major issue of just not being able to stick with a certain task (such as organizing paperwork/home files/"stuff"/family mementos, completing a final draft of my revocable living trust and other such things I need and want to do.

And even though I know how I need to focus on "smaller task" completion segments of 10-20 minutes, and stay on task for at least those few minutes - even if just a few times a day - I STILL get distracted by something that "takes me out" focus and concentration-wise.

I am fully aware that doing this more regularly will provide gratification which is self-reinforcing and will ultimately lead to getting a whole lot of piles and boxes of paperwork, books, personal stuff etc. organized well enough that maintaining my files and a generally orderly household order should be easy. It is easy for me to understand this cognitively, but I just can't seem to do it even though I am fully aware of what and how to do what I need to. Very frustrating.....and I have read posts of others who share similar stories. One post suggested joining a support group with others who have similar problems and hopefully learn some techniques and mobilize the necessary enthusiasm for reaching my goals through that.

How can a person find such a support group that meets once a week or so in a city of over 200,000 people?

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Try and find adult ADHD support group. I found one in my town and met someone who volunteered her time weekly to help me accomplish things I need help with. She learned what worked for her and is sharing it with me. Also if you meet someone with same needs you can help each other out. Having an accountability partner really made all the difference for me. Chadd and adult ADHD support group meets once a month. There you can meet others and find a buddy to work with. Let me know if any of this helped

Packman in reply to Lovinit

Thanks much - I will be looking into it later today and I feel good about the likelihood of such a resource being available in a decent sized city. Mark

HIGHLY recommend finding a local ‘buddy’ who also has tasks to complete. My friend and I set up “work dates” where we only chat for 15 mins, then work side by side for segments of 50 mins (dancing in between) and it’s INCREDIBLE how much it helps me to focus. Things that I didn’t think I could get done became easy to focus on. An ADHD coach said this has a name, something like body double. The fact that she needs to focus is inspiration for me to stay focused. And vice versa. You have to find the right person though. Someone who can actually stick to the plan of NOTHING else during that time (no calls, emails, FB, games, internet searching or other media) and you hold each other accountable (EG...if it gets quiet: “ How are you doing over there?”). Just a thought. And yes, call CHADD for local resources.

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