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Game On House Chores!

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Painters tape around a kitchen tile sweeping is now more fun 😜 with a debris target spot. Just an idea I read online. Showed a picture of a 3yrs old girl doing it. Fun for all ages! More fun for some than others. I will say, try it if you’re interested it takes a 5 seconds to set up. I liked having a predetermined place where my pile would be

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hahaha that's cool, I'll have to show this to my adult daughter

Great Idea. Sticky residue from the tape?

Not that I can tell. I used a better quality painters tape. So far I’ve swept vacuumed and mopped over it and it’s secure in place. It’s actually helpful for me and I’m 37. I’m all over the place and the square reminds me to make the pile right there every time I clean up

Excellent idea! I love running across solutions. ADHD can leave you pathetically confused & frustrated! Thank you, Lovinit!


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