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ADD medication side effects - Concerta 36mg

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I've been on a generic drug for concerta 36mg and its really helped with focus and productivity,as well as emotional anxiety which is normally quite severe has all but gone.however the 1 thing that is really challenging is it does open you up to other "addictions" or hyperfocus on things that my have a negative rather than a positive impact e.g.visual stimulation gained from looking at nudity on the internet.these tendencies are obviously different depending on the individual but i think you just need to be cognisant that addictive behaviors, whatever they may be tend to be more easily surfaced due to the ADD medication hyperfocus tendency symptoms.

for e.g. in the workplace you are using the medication to assist with focus and emotional if the window for the medication goes outside of your work time,you may find yourself with a sense of needing to do something.if you don't watch that tendency and it leads you any predisposed negative tendencies you may have, and in order to satisfy your highly engaged brain you can find yourself getting into a please be careful.

lastly channel that energy into something positive like going to the gym to burn off the energy,spending quality time with wife and kids,quality time with pets,cooking...whatever it is just don't allow the extra engagement that you have available lead you down a rabbit hole...

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