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Prob going to be diagnosed today, meds shortly after


To everyone with ADHD: first appointment today, pretty sure I have ADHD given wife's observations and books I've read (99% rings true!). ADHD is really hurting my marriage so looking forward to breaking the pattern. It's not much fun for either of us at the moment.

If anyone has a similar story, especially any feel good positive experiences I can aspire to that would be very much appreciated. I am cognizant that this needs to start with me fyi.

Good luck to you all - I sincerely hope to share my (future) positive experiences.

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Well, if you are diagnosed, welcome to the tribe!

ADHD is often painted as this negative thing that ruins your life until you get it under lock and key. This really isn’t true. ADHD is more of a difference than a disorder. It has it’s negatives yes, but it’s got positives too. ADHDers tend to be more creative and inventive, we have the ability to hyperfocus when we are truly interested in something, and we have just as good of a chance at success as everyone else, we just have to take a bit of a detour usually.

I would strongly suggest that you keep reading about ADHD and learning about the condition and how it affects you specifically. ADHD is not a one size fits all type of deal, it will take time to find a treatment plan that works for you. If you want medication it will take time to find te right one. If you don’t want medication you can try therapy but that will also take time to get results. You can also develop your day to day routines to better manage your symptoms.

Also, maintaining other aspects of your health (eating healthy, exercising regularly, and maintaining good mental health) will have a positive influence on your ADHD.

Good luck! You are not alone!

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