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Looking For Suggestions for 25 yr old daughter


Hello 👋

I am the mother to an adult child with severe Inattentive ADD. She is 25. I am hoping you all can provide suggestions that might help me to better motivate her to live a more independent life. She is also struggling with a Anorexia/OCD not the typical kind. She is obsessed with having an illness in her stomach.

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hi Carobi, welcome to the community.

Hmmm that's a tough one, does she take any medication, also has she completed college and does she work? I can relate: I have an adult son who is severe ADHD, also suffers from chronic severe migraines, who still lives at home has never lived away from home. He struggled with part time community college for years then dropped out, has had part time jobs but is currently unemployed.

Does she live at home with you still? When I was 25 I never listened to my mom but maybe she different and will. Here is my suggestion, two of you sit down and work together on make a daily schedule for her, morning afternoon and evening rituals/routines that’s helping me right now in my life. I wish I had someone help me this when I was a teenager or young adult. In 37 now and just now starting

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