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Hello, I was diagnosed ADHD about two years ago. To truly begin this story I was laid off from working in an ER about 5 years ago. I worked 3 12 hour shifts which was great and I was on that shift for 12 years. Then I went to a 5 day work week m-f job checking in patients at a high volume eye Care clinic. I noticed then a huge change, the repetitive computer work just didn't click well with me. I thought I was losing my mind, I didn't feel right in my job and the emotional crying spells we're good awful. After 3 yrs I was diagnosed ADHD and placed on Adderall 10 mg 2 a day and it made a huge difference. All of a sudden the computer clicked for me and my overwhelming emotions were no longer keeping me from focussing on my job but it doesn't take it all away. I still cry alot and I'm almost 40. Is this normal?

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Hi Trac28! I think I can relate. I never saw myself as someone with depression or anxiety and the thought of going on medication and not knowing anything about it was scary. My life took a hugh turn 6months ago. I New I had to get the help, I hit that point. Anyway in addition to my adderall I was put on a low dose of lexapro after a month I cannot believe the difference in how I felt. I was relieved that I only had to try 2 different medications. Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you but I want to say I’m so thankful I tied lexapro. Also the side effects like not being interested in sex well it was a side effect but the benefits outweighed the side effect. And I’m happy to say after 4 months on lexapro the side effect of not getting sexual satisfaction went away.


Thank you for the advice, I have been thinking about adding an anti anxiety or antidepressant along with the Adderall. For years I was on paxil before I got on Adderall and it was horrible. I went through years of being misdiagnosed. Did not think about trying Lexapro though

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That was something my doctor suggested and it worked for me.


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