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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my fellow ADDers!

I was diagnosed with ADD after I completed AD/HD coach training a few years ago. As a teacher, counselor and principal for 35 years, it made sense to me to find a way to help students, adults and parents struggling with AD/HD symptoms. Throughout my career I spent a lot of time managing inattentive misbehaving students, meeting with their parents and trying to support teachers. In addition, my grandson was diagnosed and other family members should have been diagnosed based on their behavior! Soooo becoming a coach made perfect sense!

After retiring, I struggled with managing my own time and completing anything. I mentioned these concerns and memory issues to my doctor. She referred me for an evaluation and I scored at the top of the scale for ADD inattentive type! My symptoms became more problematic after I retired because I no longer had the built in structure and routines a full time job requires. Long story short...I’m thankful I was diagnosed because I now better understand my behavior over the years. As I continue to develop strategies and habits to help myself, I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach others with similar challenges.

Sorry this was so long! I look forward to interacting with the group!

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