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New here, I made a series of videos detailing struggles people with INATTENTIVE ADHD face throughout the lifespan


Like the title states, I made a series of videos discussing the struggles people with Inattentive ADHD go through. The reason I made these videos is because when I was doing my research on the condition, there were few if any videos explaining details of the Inattentive subtype and the struggles it brings. The more I researched, I started figuring out why, and it's because lots of people with Inattentive ADHD like myself, are introverts and lack motivation and drive. I could not relate to the large quantity of Hyperactive or Combined type videos/youtube channels, and usually got rather irritated by the perky presenter. So after 3 years of researching, I finally made a series of videos based off my studies and own life experiences. In my opinion the Inattentive subtype gets very little spotlight, which explains why many, including myself, never knew about this condition. At 25 I thankfully found out about it, researched/hyperfocused for about 6 months and then got myself evaluated and diagnosed. I started taking my medication and came up with a nootropic stack of necessary and crucial supplements to take with my medication. The reason the medication does not work to its full potential for a large amount of people, and why it creates a myriad of negative side effects, is because supplements are rarely if ever recommended to people taking ADHD medication. This is something I hope to change. This combo of medication/supplements has thankfully changed my life for the better, and I have graduated with a BA in Psychology, and am now entering grad school to become an MFT and hope to help out tons of others out there struggling, like I was. Here's a link to the playlist, I input some other people's videos in there as well. My humor and way of speaking is rather sardonic, I am an INTJ, so just a heads up : )

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It looks great so far! Nice job! You remind me a bit of a friend of mine who's an attorney with Aspergers... you guys have a similar tone of voice and sense of humor. I took that mbti test a few times over the course of twenty yrs and I bounce between entp and entj which means my only range is from inventor to... uh... dictator, I guess. Lol. All the best with ya channel!!

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Haha, thanks...I take that as a compliment (your friend sounds entertaining). Sounds like quite the jump. I have a couple of friends who are entj's, good creative people. Thanks again, cheers!

Very good! My 17 year old is an innataticmve. He takes Vayvarin as a supplement to his Adderall and I see much improvement. Dr brought his Adderall XR down to 20 mg (from 30) and added the Vayvarin about 90 days ago. Great supplement! Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts?

oh wow, that's very interesting. I have never heard of Vayvarin up until now, thanks for the heads up! Looked it up, and it contains Phosphatidylserine-omega-3, EPA. The reason I find that interesting is because I take individual supplements for those. I take PS100 (it's short for Phosphatidylserine) which is a great neuromodulator that helps the fluidity of neural activity, which helps in speaking and more fluid thought. And I take Flaxseed Oil for the Omega 3,6,9 benefits (EPA and DHA are both really good for the body/mind). Those two supplements are part of my core regimine, of my around 10 supplements/vitamins I take daily. It might seem a bit much, but after doing much research and having dozens of trial and error, this list of supplements has helped me be the best that I can be at the moment, and has led me to a very active and healthy life style. I highly recommend coQ10 to as well to you and anyone taking a stimulant medication, it helps protect your heart especially during physical activities. CoQ10, in my opinion, is a supplement that every psychiatrist should recommend their patients who are taking stimulant medication, because it helps keep down an accelerated heart rate that a stimulant causes (which can cause high blood pressure and a myriad of other problems), and it helps alleviate heart and chest pain.

Here is a list of supplements I take incase you are ever interested.

Thanks for the list. I am going to get the COq10 for him. You may want to look some more in to Vauyarin to see if you can take one pill to replace some of these They are approved by the FDA for use in ADHD. It used to be by prescription only but that changes in November, 2017. I buy it from them direct and I can use my HSA card. (Approved by insurance companies).

Will do thanks for the heads up. In the future I hope to see more organic supplements combined, learning stuff like this gives me hope.

OMG that kid reminds me of my blank stare as a kid. Parents used to point that out quite frequently "There's your blank look again, you must be thinking about something important"

That characteristic is almost a dead give away that someone is a Inattentive type or is a combined type. I still do that stare to this day, and unfortunately some people think I am staring at them, or that something is wrong/or I'm sad. We are usually in deep thought or hyperfocusing on something while this is happening. The direction we are staring at has rarely anything to do with what we are thinking of.

SO here's the weird thing. My dad died a few years ago from colon cancer, unfortunately. It was a bad situation- I was having some pretty nasty ruminations in my sleep and I caused some damage to our relationship just before I found out that he had cancer.

I digress, I remember my dad zoning out when I was a kid- like staring into space because he's deep in thought type of zoning out. My uncle is a psychologist and swears he doesn't think my dad has any form of ADHD. Thing is... My dad was the oldest of 3 and my uncle was the youngest with an 8 year gap. I'm not completely sure how well my uncle actually knew my dad up close.

It's very weird. I've never seen anybody stare off into space the way my dad did. I also know my dad was much more calm than me. He didn't fidget and he didn't really talk fast. He was very intelligent and very impatient. He did binge eat (which we assumed is where I learned that from but knowing now that's a side effect of ADHD, I wonder.)

My uncle is also ADD.

Sorry to hear about your father. Studies have shown that if 1 parent has ADHD, there is a 75% chance that their offspring will have it as well, and if both parents have it, then it's usually certain that their offspring will have it. The words "more calm, didn't fidget, doesn't talk fast, and very impatient" are all traits of someone who is an Inattentive type, with some variation across individuals of course. Inattentive types have been nicknamed the astronaut due to being out in space in our thoughts constantly with that "stare". We also do not carry the hyperactive part of ADHD. I have relatives and friends in marriages where one person is Inattentive ADHD and the other is either Hyperactive or Combined Type. There is a lot of fighting involved, because the inattentive one wants to stay in more frequently, while the Hyperactive one wants to go out and socialize and be really active. Unfortunately as well, a good amount of people with the Inattentive type of ADHD suffer from hyposexuality: a libido that is lower than average. This is due to neurotransmitter imbalances. While many Combined Types and especially Hyperactive types suffer from hypersexuality: a libido that is above average. This is due to the calming effect that happens to their neurochemistry when involved in relations. Growing up I never understood why a majority of my friends (combined types and especially hyperactive types) wanted to, excuse the phrase, "get laid" 24/7, while I really just really wanted to find someone I connected with. Not to mention the impulsive behavior, lack of follow up etc. It is a never ending blackhole of problems, especially for those families who are undiagnosed and don't know they have ADHD. That is why I am in grad school to become an MFT Psychologist and help families and individuals like this. ADHD can destroy relationships and tear families apart when not dealt with the proper way.

I’m a huge fan of these glimpses into characteristics of this sub type of which I’m a a member

how can i know my adhd type? based of dr.amen theres 7 types of adhd not 3! I'm confused can you explain about your research finding your type!?

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Daniel Amen is taking a physiologic approach and categorizing physical etiologies (based on inference of a lesion from variations in blood flow volume, measured by decay of a mildly radioactive tracer) with associated symptoms. His categories overlap other DSM categories apart from ADHD—most correspond to ADHD with another, comorbid condition.

The DSM categorizes on symptoms alone, and maps a rather wide gamut (calling it a spectrum would wrongly imply a single axis of variation) into three groups. The classification deliberately disregards symptoms that its community of authors regard as attributable clearly to a separate disorder (even if they may both derive from the same, variant chemistry and anatomy).

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Neither approach is inherently more right or wrong, scientifically: they simply derive from different disciplines—mostly behavioral versus physiologic psychology. The behavioral viewpoint has been predominant in ADHD diagnosis for a very long time because it is widely viewed (subject to some dissent, of course) as sufficient.

I suspect Amen's work could lead to expansion of the criteria for other disorders and reclassification of some patients now lumped into the three, ADHD types of the present DSM; but because his work is more oriented toward treatment of patients and can therefore profit him (substantially, at that), it is often presumed “tainted” by those who favor “pure research”.

I view the division of camps as somewhat naive: reality most likely lies somewhere in between the one side being “charlatans” and the other being “snobs”.

Well said. After looking more into slow cognitive tempo, I'm interested to see what the new DSM will bring fourth.

I've heard multiple seminars by Daniel Amen and read some of his stuff early on in my ADHD studies. His belief that there are 7 types of ADHD is not well regarded in the ADHD scientific community from my understanding. The three subtypes of ADHD is the commonly agreed upon theory most have. In my personal opinion I believe Amen's 7 subtypes are sub varients of the 3 subtypes based more on personality traits.

I reccomend you look at the 3 subtypes

1. Hyperactive subtype: hyperactive, mostly extroverted energetic, impulsive decision making, trouble staying still, trouble concentrating, major issue finishing projects, trouble falling asleep

2. Inattentive subtype: not hyperactive, day dreaming constantly, lost in thoughts/staring off into space, lack of motivation, more introverted, easily irritated, deals badly with dissapointment, trouble falling asleep

3. Combined Type: a mixture of both. The ratio varies from person to person, I've met and worked with people who are more inattentive than hyperactive and vice versa.

I am very excited about the suplements you recomended. I take medicine for years and always have to change because of the side effects. However, as they are going to cost a lot, can you tell me just the "top 3 or 5"? I take wellbutrin (bupropion) but I was taken desvenlafaxin till last month. My problems nowadays are lack of memory, dificulty on keep knowlodge of what I read, some "lazy" (very tired) and often feeling sad. Sorry about my english. Tks a lot.

No problem. Have you considered taking a low dose stimulant medication instead? I tried Wellbutrin a few years ago and it really did not go well with my body or my mood. I take a small 10mg of Adderall twice a day along with the supplements, and it has worked really well since I started a few years ago. Usually people who have Inattentive ADHD like myself, do better on stimulant medication because of how it gives us that extra energy that we so desperately need, along with many other factors.

Anyway, I replied to your response from the first post you posted and gave you the information on which supplements I believe would be the most helpful, along with some other information.

We don't have Adderall in Brazil... however, once I took Venvanse but it didn't seem to improve on memories and organization stufs for me. I guess Concerta was the best one. I've stopped for some reason I can't remember 🤣🤣🤣. Guess I'm going to try again with the suplements you suggest.

How long are you ok with adderall and these suplements? Tks again for tour great help.

I see, I've heard multiple people say the same thing you mentioned about vvyanse. Sounds good, when you find a stimulant that goes well with your body/mind and you add supplements to that, you've good some really good tools to help you out.

I know people who have been taking supplements with their medication for years, I have been taking my medication combined with supplements for over 3 years now. You can always cycle on and off certain supplements if you feel the need. And no problem, glad to be of some help, hope all goes well for you.

Tks for your help😉😎

I have not yet watched your video but would love to know the stack you take along side with medication.

Hi there, if you click my picture it will take you to my profile, and in the bio section you'll see a link to a google doc I made that mentions every supplement I take along with some info about how it helps people with ADHD. Hope this helps.

Thanks so much. I know you will help a lot of us inattentives. I will enjoy your videos. I have had ADD all my life and at about 40 I found out about it, few people had back then. I am 67 now, so I have learned a lot with much more to learn.

You're very welcome, thank you for your kind words. I hope the videos bring you more insight into inattentive adhd.

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