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Hi All,

I am so grateful for this resource. My story in summary is this:

1. Hyperactive from early childhood through high school

2. Inattentive, struggled in school and college (dropped out eventually)

3. In 2005 (@ 30 yrs) Diagnosed with 2 disabilities (poor working memory, limited reading of face and body language [are you happy, mad, sad - I may not know)

4. Within a few months was taking Ritalin and eventually Adderall with success in focus, learning, retaining both at school, personal and work.

5. In 2008 was identified with a congenital heart valve defect. Required to stop taking stimulant medication. : (

6. In 2009 I had open heart surgery. No option to resume my ADD medication.

7. Later tried Strattera will terrible results/side effects. I felt inhibited brain power.

Today, I continue to struggle at work to perform to my abilities. I have not attempted school again because I doubt my retention and speed of learning will be worth the effort.

My ask: Advice on reigning in the chaos with...

- Work space best practices

- Consultants to help develop concrete solutions

- Therapist to support

- Psychiatrists with a focus on ADD/ADHD.



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I'm new too


Did the adderall cause the heart problem. I am 55 diagnosed in 1999 with my 2nd grade son at the time. Took adderall fir 15 years ans helped me be a stay at home mom of 2 boys 1 adhd. Comorbisity wiyh anxiety bi.polar substance abuse, depressio n at times. Lost inaurance afyer divorce nwwd.yo work cannot bc no.meds ans severely adds no job history ever bad sivorce no mo wy no asseys mothwr syi g lasy parent alive. My voys are young 25 live in anyone know of a way for less fortunate to get adserall at discount. Founs my old dr and he takes cash.paymenys charges yhem 50 percent.less giya i thi k firat time in 8 years i may have hope for being.medivayed for add.again

Anyone know of a rx program


Hi Sherry,

It's unclear if it caused it. I have 2 first cousins who had severe heart defects at birth and had to have multiple life-saving surgeries before they were adults.

I don't know of any programs that help in your state. If it were me and I knew it worked I would take it. I always get an annual checkup and ask about heart function. I suggest that for EVERY person. If you are not in good health then I would look for alternatives to stimulant medication.


Hello Matt,

I also struggle with poor working memory, but I have learned a few compensation strategies that have helped a lot...

1. Record important conversations or directions (this might be difficult if you don't have permission. I usually ask for permission if I want to record people that I know and feel comfortable with, however sometimes I record conversations without telling people. This is dangerous, and I don't do it very often. I am aware that I could get into a lot of trouble. It is up to you to decide if you feel comfortable doing this. I usually delete the conversations after I write down the important details that I missed.)

2. Use an Electronic calendar to help stay on top of things. I resisted the idea of using an electronic calendar because I was so used to using my old fashioned, hand held calendar. However, I began using the Google Calendar Application, and it has saved me on many occasions! You can put in events and add reminders; or have the event repeat weekly/monthly or even yearly! I would never remember appointments or other responsibilities otherwise.

3. Talk to friends/family. Tell them what you are struggling with, and ask for help. Sometimes, people can be really understanding! Also make sure that you acknowledge your mistakes, and try not to use your disability as an excuse.

4. Write things down

5. Try to keep important items in one place (ex: designate a certain area to place your keys, and put them in that spot whenever you come home.)

6. Use pictures or other visuals

That's all I can think of for now, but if I remember anything else I will let you know! Hope this is helpful.


Thanks ACohen2!! I like your suggestions!


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