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Making friends with ADHD

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My son is 9 yrs old and has ADHD and Dyslexia. I have noticed lately that he is having trouble making friends. I am not sure if it is because of the new medication or just him. They either think his games are to childish or he thinks what they are playing is boring. Is this an ADHD thing or is he just at that age?

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ADHD thing. And same with both my older kids. (11 and 9). I'm working on it with them but boy do they hate it.

My son is 10 and thinks everything is boring. I would also ask his teacher and see how he is in school. I know school is out now but I used to be really worried since he never had anyone come over or was invited anywhere bit his teacher assured me that he plays with all the kids at school. My son really likes video games and plays on his computer. What has helped him is we have different game passes and a mic so he can talk to friends online. Now he gets more mad and upset about things because of the adhd but those fights are the same things that would happen on the play ground. This has at least helped him connect more and he does fine when he plays one on one. I have also realized that people just dont call now a days to come over so I need to be the one to really try to reach out to kids in his class and set something up.

6.5 yo boy over here but same & it's heartbreaking. Tried a social skills group at school & also my own intervention at point of performance at local playground & repeating rules right before, which helped a little but not in making longer term friends so far...

It could be a combination of both. Most kids with ADHD have difficulty making /sustaining friends. I’ve had several doctors tell me that maturity is often the culprit. Kids with ADHD are often 2 yrs younger maturity wise then their peers- especially boys. My son gets along better with younger kids than kids his age. He’s now 17 and eith maturity it has gotten better but he still struggles at times. Medication can also impact them socially as it may make them more reserved.

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