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Confused mom.

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17 y/o recently given ADHA meds for 2weeks that didn’t do anything for him , so his psychiatrist took him off the med without changing the dose or the brand. He upped his antidepressant and said, “see you in a month”. What does that mean. My son is miserable. Can’t focus on school, is so depressed that he may not graduate. How long did it take others to get meds regulated ?

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Was it the first time he has taken medication? Was it a stimulant? Unfortunately...many psychiatrists no very little about ADHD...and I feel for him because I have ADD and have suffered from major depression/anxiety/PTSD... Is this new for your son? Depression? Why is he just now getting help?

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He has suffered in silence for going on 4 years. He refused help until last year, but did not accept meds until 1 month ago. He was started on an antidepressant/anti anxiety med, then on a form of Ritalin for 3 weeks with no results. Depression is a sure thing. He says he just can’t jump start himself and he thinks about everything constantly. Can’t get his thoughts in order. I am trying to find a different psychiatrist, but hard to find someone taking new patients.

There are many brands and different medications for ADHD...which the doctor needs to treat along with the depression...however, there are some doctors who do not understand ADHD...and don't realize that anti depressants alone aren't going to help... if your son has ADHD..because ge needs more dopeamine most likely where a stimulant medication is usually most effective...however, if he suffers from major depression even when he's being treated for ADHD effectively...then he miggt need anti depressants...and tge first few I tried there was no difference...and it seems like his doctor doesn't realize how severe it is for him...don't give up!!! Maybe find a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD or it least takes it Seriously!!!

Thanks for sharing, so sorry for your struggles. What about having him see a psychologist who can help him and communicate with the child psychiatrist? Thearpy is very helping in providing a safe place for your son to express himself and learn to deal with the symptoms of ADHD. They are also familiar with types of medications. Hope you find help.

Thank you, I’ll look into that!

MY 16 yr old grandson has ADHD, depression and anxiety. I had a psychiatrist give up once, dropped her like a hot potato. Grandson is on Wellbutrin, Intuniv, and Lexapro. Doesn't take care of everything but he does really well in a college prep program.

Thank you for your response. My son wants to go to college, but can’t even imagine how he will get through high school let alone college. I hope to get him in with a psychologist, I have to call him back today. I am trying to stay hopeful. It helps to hear others are able to navigate life with ADHD. Thanks!

Sorry to say, but It sounds very unprofessional behavior " see you in a month" what does this mean. Well, medication is not the right option at the start of the treatment. although I am not a medical professional, I can help you to find a better place for your children to seek professional help. Because my cousin's daughter took her therapy/treatment from here and they are quite satisfied with the services. And now she is completely fine.Go and visit this site I am sure you will be able to find help.

Best of luck.

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