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Recently diagnosed with ADD

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My 8 yr son was recently diagnosed with ADD. I'm looking for any advice on how to approach his school about re-evaluating him to get back on an IEP or to start a 504 plan.

Some back story- my son has been struggling with school since kindergarten and he is now in the 3rd grade. My son was on an IEP up until December 2020 primarily for speech. He was released at that time, upon my first conferences with his 3rd teacher I have since found out that he is reading at a kindergarten level and has a writing and math level of a 1st grader. I have been in contact with my sons school principal since I received this information and asked for my son to be reevaluated for the IEP. The principal told me that she was not going to reevaluate because he was just released a year ago. So now I'm lost, being as I have the professional diagnosis now of him having ADD how do I approach the converstaion about either reevaluating him for the IEP or to see if he is eligible for the 504 plan?? I know this was a really long post and I apologize, I just feel very over whelmed and worried about my sons academic success and I'm looking for any advice any of you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for any advice shared. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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Welcome, we are so excited you have joined this group. We are all in this journey together and are here to help you. I suggest you get a letter from the medical professional that gave him the diagnosis and put in writing you request an assessment for an IEP. This should be attached with the professional letter.

Your child would qualify under some other disability (not speech) and the school principal is not the person to qualify him for an IEP.

We are here to help you as you go through this journey.

Thank you for your welcomed advice, I was planning on giving the principal the letter tomorrow. But how would I approach the IEP again... I can requested in an email early October stating I wanted him to be evaluated for an IEP, and after a phone conversation she told me that she was going to try other intervention techniques based on what the special Ed department suggested and that he would not be re-evaluated for another IEP until early next school year. This was all said prior to his diagnosis. Im sorry if I sound like I'm repeating my self and if I might have missed my answer in your reply. I very much appreciate the advice and I'm so glad to have found this group.

The only people that can assess and grant an IEP are Special Education professionals, a principal can not. If he qualified in the past under speech and was dismissed that was then.

You would contact the correct professional to start the assessment process. Which needs to be special education professionals. It would also be important to include the school psychologist so they can assess for things like impulsive behavior, focus and social emotional issues. These are not academic assessments. They all impact learning.

Academic assessment should show what he is struggling with read and math and what ever else he is struggling with.

I would not give the letter to the principal, they are not trained in special education.

If you sent a request for assessment for an IEP in Oct. And they did not start the assessment, I assume it is becuase the special education professional were not given the letter. Also, it would really help to attach the medical verification.

The Special Educational professional will communicate with the school principal. If you have to speak to the principal you would explain your son is far below grade level in a number of subjects and you think his ADHD is impacting his learning.

If seems like you did this already with speech, but the assessment can take up to 60 days once the assessment plan is signed.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much!!! With the given circumstances is the IEP the better course of action or is a 504 plan a good way to start? I've read some key differences about the two, I'm just not sure which one is better to start with.

Thanks again 🙂

The best place to start is Special Education and academic assessment. This will explain what his needs are, then the plan will be written. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much

Always here for you! Feel free to ask for more help if you need it. Many of us have been in your shoes before. Take care

OP gave you some great advice. Have you considered calling your pediatrician and asking for referrals to start the ball rolling from your side? Normally the pediatrician can refer for an evaluation to a psychologist covered by your insurance plan. The school psychologist can sit in the classroom and complete observations of your child. I don't think all school employees do the testing. Depends on the school. An IEP plan is more thorough than a 504 plan. As OP said, the SPED professionals are the ones to recommend based on testing. There are many different qualifying disabilities so I would think your child would definitely re qualify. Has the school provided you with a book explaining IEP's & 504's. If not, request it. I pray you get the help your child needs for his success.

Thank you for responding HoldingonLou, I have not had the pediatrician send a referral but I have been in contact with my states parent advocate program and she gave me the advise of sending an email to the districts special education director along with the principal and home teacher which I have done. I am waiting for the director to reply with a good time to sign the consent for evaluation. I hope I get a response soon and I can start getting him the help he needs. Thank you for you advice, everything I can get is so much help and I appreciate it all. I hope you a blessed day!

My son had an IEP plan for speech in preschool. Now he no longer needs it. He was diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten and is now in 1st grade. In Kindergarten I gave the letter from my sons doctor to the principal. He now has a 504 plan since ADHD is a disability and the school must accommodate him for this. That is his right by law. The teacher has him sit by her, prepares him for work and works with him one on one. The school had to do this by law. You can google- Which is better a 504 plan or an IEP. This will tell you the difference. I hope you get a response soon.

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