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Recently diagnosed with ADHD

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Good evening all,

My son is 7 years old, who recently diagnosed with ADHD,I am new to this. Any suggestions.

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Welcome. You have come to the right place and will find lots of information and advice here. This will be a long and trying time for you and your family. Has your child received a psychological evaluation yet? If not, you will want to arrange to have one conducted by a psychiatrist or psychologist. After you have received the results, you should contact his school to request either a 504 or IEP. You can go online to find information on both of these educational plans. The school will arrange a meeting to discuss your child's educational needs and create a plan that must be followed. You can also seek other services for your child such as counseling, behavior therapy, speech/language therapy, OT/PT services and medication if you decide to go that route. Your child is also eligible to receive SSI disability benefits as long as the ADHD diagnosis includes "other health impairment".

Take time to become educated about his condition and try to join a parent support group of other parents with ADHD. Good luck with everything!

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Thank you so much. Today we had a meeting with the school, they put him in a 504 plan where he gets extra support in the class. We r looking for a good psychiatrist. Hope everything goes well!

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Everything will fall into place but it can take some time and gets confusing. Try to stay informed about his condition and your rights. There are lots of great articles and webcasts on

Welcome to the group. Visit here often to read and post. You will benefit learning from the experiences of others. And you’ll find strength knowing you’re not alone. I’d also recommend reading Driven to Distraction, by Dr. Ned Hallowell. It transformed my approach to parenting and fiercely advocating for my ADHD son. Expect the unexpected, let go of the preconceived, be brutally kind to yourself along your journey.

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ven28 in reply to ConqueringADHD

Thank you so much for your kind words.

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ven28 in reply to Janice_H

Sure, thank you very much. I am following the

Hello. Watch this video for an extremely helpful primer on ADHD and the latest research by a nationally recognized expert. Also, check out ADHDDude on YouTube.

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ven28 in reply to Danseuse

Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much. That's very helpful.

My best advice is to educate yourself. Read everything you can get your hands on.

Takes clases, participate in Webinars. Good luck and God bless!

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ven28 in reply to MYSMUM

Thank you so much.

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