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Help for Parents of adult children with ADHD

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Parent of adult child with ADHD. I am looking for some support to help my daughter. She currently lives in LA and is having a very difficult time functioning. She is 29 and every time she has to come home it affects her self esteem. We are supporting her financially a lot except for the occasional odd job she does and we are really getting depleted of funds. Does anyone know of some resources?

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Is she taking any medication?

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eaw49 in reply to Embroidery77

She takes herself on and off Prozac. She refuses to take anything else. She said she didn’t like the way ADHD medication made her feel so hasn’t taken anything in a while.

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Embroidery77 in reply to eaw49

A good psychiatrist would definitely help help her. Would she be ok to go see one?

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She has medi-cal and has had a terrible time even getting a regular doctor to get her in for an appointment. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t have enough staff or what is happening. She came home for a week so I can help her and we tried to get something scheduled and left 6 voicemails and still have not received a call back. This is the 3rd time I have had to help her move to another doctor due to no response. It’s frustrating for me to help her, for her, it feels impossible.

I have struggled to get therapist and I finely got a psychiatrist and after waiting 3 weeks to see him, he did nothing. He only prescribed meds that he had already taken. I am in SLC. Appointments are so hard to get. I finally booked an appt for myself because I was drowning and it was 8 weeks out. I would ask around for referrals from people you know in the area. So many mental health issues and insurance doesn’t pay well so that makes it hard. My son is using Stratera, it was originally prescribed for anxiety. Perhaps she would consider this. Meds are different for everyone. You just have to be super persistent and patient. It’s tough. I don’t know about financial assistance for this. Maybe call her insurance and see if they can suggest anything (I am not sure if it was the insurance or psychiatrist that wasn’t calling you back, I know I am not getting call backs from doctors). It is all very frustrating. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but know you are not alone with this.

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Hi, it’s been doctors offices that haven’t called back but also therapist. Finally yesterday had an epiphany and I looked into putting her back on my insurance. My husband called our insurance broker to see if it was possible. They told us that it was as long as she was legally disabled but it would be expensive and she needed to live in the network area. The broker suggested we get her transferred over to Kaiser medi-cal because the care is a lot more available so we are in process of doing that. The broker basically said that straight medi-cal is a black hole and most doctors won’t use it. Hopefully, this will work. Thank you so much for your response.

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