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Daytrana Patch

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Hello, I'm a new member and in need of advice from other parents regarding Daytrana. The Dr. Prescribed the daytrana patch today. Has anyone tried this in their kids? I read online that it cannot be taken if you take allergy medication or have eczema and my daughter does take allergy medication and has eczema it also says if there's a family history of heart problems or high blood pressure she should not take it so now I'm kind of worried if this is safe for her or not. I'm waiting for a phone call from the doctor to answer these questions. In the meantime I wanted to know if anyone can tell me anything about the daytrana patch please ? Are there any serious side effects? Thank you

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My son uses it and has been really good! It’s has work perfectly. I would say the only negative is it doesn’t stay on in water. And with camp coming up I am not sure what to do. Other then that it has work greAt. We don’t have any allergies.

Sorry, but I have never heard of it. I’m interested in hearing what the Dr. says.

My son has some oral aversions so the Focalin sprinkles didn’t work because we couldn’t get him to take it. We used Daytrana for a while and it was good for him. My main complaint was that we had trouble with delayed onset since its absorbed through the skin so he wasn’t ready to “get to work” when school started. Once it started working we did see an improvement in his ability to focus and stay on task. It did leave the skin red when removed but we alternated location (left hip/right hip) as directed and he was fine. (He did have eczema as a child and takes Zyrtec as needed for asthma control).

We ultimately switched to Quillivant this last school year and it’s been a positive switch.

Daytrana is a good medication. I hope you find success with it as we did.

Does anyone know if if causes involuntary ticks?

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