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ADHD Child, problems with lying, self inflict, fabricating stories. Cps is involved


My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD ODD in 2016. My daughter continues to have bad dreams of me abandoning her and she thinks they are real. She make allegations against me that are not true. My daughters seeks lots of attention and is willing to do anything to get it even if it means lying. I have lost alot of friends and my family is unwilling to help me care for her because of the false accusation sge is always making. Cps says its because she has experienced trauma from me. I would never hurt my daughter. CPS has been involved, now am at risk of losing parental rights and her staying in foster care permanently. Cps is planning on placing my new born son up for adoption. He was removed from me because of my case with my daughter. He was born Healthy no complications, I went to all prenatal appointments and took care of my self. Has anyone ever went thru this.. I have asked for assessments and evaluation but social services refuse saying she doesn't need them. They continue blame me for all her behavior.

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You need to hire an attorney. CPS tends to get involved only with a complaint or report for someone (which could be a school employee, a doctor or acquaintance), so someone must have made a report. CPS is not inclined to remove children from non abusive, non addict parents since the best interest of the child favors leaving the child with a fit parent. If you have been wrongly accused or feel that you are being overwhelmed by a system you do not understand, a lawyer can help you. The system is not designed (and does not have the funding) to remove children for fit parents who want them. If this is what you believe is happening to you, you need legal help. Good luck. I wish the very best for your children.

MariaD20 in reply to ADHD_DAD

Thank you, its very hard to hire an attorney because they all charge alot of money.

ADHD_DAD in reply to MariaD20

If you cannot afford an attorney, most counties have Legal Services which do not charge. They will certainly be familiar family law matters. You typically have to prove an inability (as opposed to an unwillingness) to pay. I get that it's expensive, but if someone took my new born son and put him up for adoption without reason or threatened to curtail my parental rights and I had done nothing to warrant this, I would give up my cell phone (or whatever device I used to post) give up cable, Netflix, walk to work, whatever it took. However, I would first check to see if I qualified for free legal services based upon low or absent income. If you cannot afford an attorney, you should qualify. I would do this first thing tomorrow.

I am so sorry you are going through these struggles. Many children with ADHD need 3 tools to help them. The first is medication, second is therapy and lastly the educational plan.

Is your daughter in therapy? This could really help you and your daughter. You can choose to be with her during the sessions or have her be alone.

I am sure you are overwhelmed with all that is going on, but I hope you guys can get some help.

We are always here to listen and support you.

Take care,

Just checking in to see if you had any luck finding that lawyer. If not, provide your county and state and I will try to research free legal services for you and provide contact info for you. No instant messages please; just reply here.

MariaD20 in reply to ADHD_DAD

No, Family Law lawyers say they can't help me. I need a Juvenile Dependecy lawyer. Most of them charge 10k to 15k. Even self Help cannot provide legal help for Dependency cases. I live in Merced County California. I've called every Free legal help service in my area with in 100 mile radious and they all tell me the same that I need a dependency lawyer and they don't have any in the area I live. But if you can help find one that is affordable I greatly appreciate it. Thank you..

Ah. California has something called Dependency Court. This is somewhat unique. Many states (including mine) handle the issues you described in Family Court. Income based free or reduced cost legal services routinely handle family court matters. I don't know why in California, where these matters are handled in Dependency court (rather than family court) you are being turned away. I assume that you tried Also try Try also Contact them and they should be able to lead you to free or reduced costs services. Remember, these are if you cannot afford to pay, not if you can but do not wish to pay.Try Try They will also be able to lead you in the right direction. You can do this! Stick to it. Good luck to you! I wish you and your children well.

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