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Riding the wave


We are currently riding a wave of school progress, good behavior, and a calm family life. In a good groove with meds right now. I’m savoring every second.

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Remember when they were babies and people would smile and say, "Enjoy it while it lasts!" it annoyed me so much, and now on the good days I feel like..... "I don't know what I did to cause this, and I have no idea how long it will last, but I'm going to enjoy it right now!"

Funny.. I was going to post the very same thing. This journey has so many ups and downs.

I was so scared for high school and now we are here and he is doing so well. But the first 2 weeks he had F's..

When it is good I just want to hold my breath becuase I know the bad is just lurking around the corner...

I am so luck to have everyone to share this life with.

Thanks Krispies99 for this message!

I hear ya about knowing what is lurking around the corner!

We had a really terrible summer with big behaviors and stressful medication trials. So I’m just cherishing every moment right now. ♥️

Glad to hear things are going well! Gives me some hope that we'll get there with our kindergartener. Although the first few days of in-person learning at our his new school - a private school which caters to kids with a variety of learning and emotional challenges including ADHD - seem to have gone well.

Krispies99 in reply to Nats2005

I wish we had a private school nearby that catered to special needs kids, that sounds wonderful!

Thanks for your post. I had been hesitant to post that things are great when so many are posting about struggles. My wife and I are wary that the other shoe will drop soon. My son started a new school this year and everything is great! He likes to go, he has become more confident (which leads to more independence at home), no emails from teachers that "he just doesn't seem to focus" or "there's nothing I can do; he just isn't applying himself." I know he has ADHD, but could it really all have been the school? It sure seems to be the case. We are trying to enjoy this, but it seems too good to be true. Managing his ADHD was my wife's whole life! Now she's studying for the certification exams to go back to her career. (On a selfish note, that would be good because this new school is not inexpensive). His school doesn't necessarily cater to special needs kids, it just "caters" to kids; it tries to teach the kids the way that they need to learn instead if jamming a square peg in a round hole (and then blaming the peg for not fitting). I am so glad to hear that others are doing so well, too. Finally something good about 2020!!

Krispies99 in reply to ADHD_DAD

I definitely wasn’t sure if I should post. But I just want to scream from the rooftops when we are doing well, and I know you guys would understand. We all (and our kids) work so hard for this!

Nats2005 in reply to ADHD_DAD

The flip side of people posting about their successes is that it can give those who are struggling hope that if they keep plugging away at the right things - finding the right meds, learning to be better parents, advocating with schools - that life will get better for them and their kids, even if it may take a few years to get there.

Yes all of those and our children gain maturity, which really helps.

So nice when you can achieve stability for awhile!


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