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8 year old boy with ADHD

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Hi, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone out there can give me some tips. I have a 8 years old wonderful son who has ADHD. After being put on Adderall 5mg daily he was then upped to 10 and a 2nd dose of 5 in the afternoon, my son is still having issues. Daydreams a ton, has to be told several times a day by his teacher reminders on what the task is at hand, and now at home tantrums galore. At first the meds were amazing and helped him in everyway, but now I am lost and am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

6 Replies
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Have you requested a DNA cheek swab from your doctor? It can narrow down which medications will work with his brain/body and which ones will not.

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I actually have an appointment today. I will ask the doctor about this and hopefully get some answers.

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my son is 10 with adhd as well. you may need to speak with his dr. about the dosage. boys this age tend ro grow in spurts. their metabolism is also higher which may be part of the problem.

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He is tiny in my eyes, he can still fit into a size 5T if they were extra, extra, long. I have an appointment today and will discuss dosage. Thank you!

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Medicine alone won’t take care of executive functions. The teachers are supposed to help him with structure at school with the 504 plan, if he is currently in one.

Talk to your doctor. He might need a different med or dose. You just have to remember that his developmental behavior is 3 years behind of the rest of his peers. So he is acting like a 5 year old, who just wants to play.

It’s frustrating, I know, but that’s life with ADHD kids.

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crimba in reply to AngelamarieQ

Luckily, his teacher is married to someone with ADHD and understands it more and more daily. She has worked really hard with him and after he was diagnosed and put on meds at first, he was so different in school. He hasn't lost his personality which is the most important part in my eyes. He just needs that extra push to get homework done and staying on task...I am not used to the massive tantrums when things don't go right. Today we have an appointment and hope to get more answers. Thank you!

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