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Strattera and cursing, sassy and aggressive

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Hi wondering if anyone found that these things got worse with Strattera and if so what did you try for violent, cursing mood changes with aggression towards whoever gets in the way? Desperate to stop the aggressive, foul language

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Yes Straterra made my son more aggressive

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I just posted a question asking if Strattera helped with mood and anxiety (we were considering this med) So these answers are helpful.

Hi, We tried Strattera a few years back for my son and it was a nightmare!! Beyond the language, some of his behavior was just out of control. He was only on it for a few weeks -- I didn't immediately connect the change in behavior to Strattera, but once I did, I called his psych to tell him what was going on and we took him off it immediately and went back to Focalin XR.

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Thank you for responding another horrible day here.

Has anyone tried risperadal for aggressive kids?

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From what I read, Abilify might be as good as Risperdal with less side effects.

My son started on Straterra about a month ago after several years on Focalin XR. We liked the Focalin but it seemed to have lost it effectiveness. The Straterra did not help his mood situation at all so his psychiatrist then added Abilify and he's a changed kid. If he gets angry he seems to snap out of it much quicker. We can actually reason with him now. No real side affects from the Abilify that I noticed. I'm really hoping we can make some progress at school this year with this new combination.

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Snoel98, I’m just curious: did the doc suggest an antidepressant before suggesting to go to a drug like Abilify?

I’ve thought about one vs. the other for my son as well.

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Our doc did not suggest an antidepressant before Abilify. The way our doc explained it to me was that Straterra can sometimes act as an antidepressant. After going on the Straterra, I was still at the end of my rope with his mood swings and outbursts and then he suggested the Abilify as a mood stabilizer. It's been a long process but I'm hopeful we are starting to make progress.

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Thank you for the info.

It is amazing that children can get such great benefits from the correct medication. Thanks for sharing.

I can't say enough about working with a psychiatrist, it was life changing for us.

I was very skeptical about a psychiatrist but this forum has been SO helpful and I was constantly reading all the posts and researching. Even after the first few sessions with our psychiatrist I was doubting the process but we finally had a break through in our 4th session and I'm a believer!

Thanks please spread the word.. many families stay with their Pediatrician and don’t get the results we have.

we have a psychiatrist but with covid 19 we have only had phone calls

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Has the Strattera started to produce any positive effects yet?

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No we stopped Strattera it was making him more aggressive and angry. Now on sertraline and clonidine which its too early to say but still hopeful something will work

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