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Restless Leg


Has anyone dealt with restless leg syndrome? My 8 year old son (ADHD/ODD/Anxiety) says his ankles and feet hurt just as he’s falling asleep. Massage helps and then he doses off. Pediatrician said it could be growing pains but it happens frequently. A few times it’s woken him up during the night. Thanks !

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I know it sounds weird but pickle juice is good for leg cramps.

We also use this rub on natural gel and it really works well-Arnicare, there is no smell to this that is why we love this.

Also, make sure he is dri king lots of water.

Good luck!

DC516 in reply to Onthemove1971

I’ve heard that before about pickle juice. Thanks. I was considering compression socks since the massaging helps.

Is he on medication? Since starting on Elvanse, I've had the same thing.

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No he’s had this for quite a long time now. I’ll mention it to his pediatrician again

I personally have Restless Leg Syndrome. What keeps mine under control is keeping my blood iron levels up by taking iron supplements. My blood iron levels need to be close to the median of "normal" levels to avoid symptoms. If my levels start drifting to the lower third of "normal" levels, then my symptoms start up again.

I use FerroFood because my body is able to tolerate it better.

This is a good description of what Restless Leg Syndrome feels like:

Here are some other options to consider:

Good luck!!

Have him get a sleep apnea test

Magnesium lotion works great on restless and sore legs! Just rub on legs before bedtime. We like the lotion from for kiddos. As an adult I use a stronger magnesium oil. Good luck!

Magnesium lotion is good. I use it for my restless leg and night tome leg cramps (recommended by my acupuncturist)!

My first thought is growing pains. That said, I get restless leg syndrome when I don’t get enough exercise - this was true when I was a kid, too. Getting enough exercise has always helped me sleep better, which could help overall. And ... I also have had leg cramps when I had low iron levels. Hope you find something that works - good luck!

Doctor said growing pains too. Too early to call it RLS. It seems to happen if he stays up too late or doesn’t get enough energy out. Thanks all.

A few sips of tonic water can have the cramps gone almost instantly. It’s the quinine in it that does the trick. My kids always woke up with leg cramps in the middle of the night... a few sips of tonic and they were gone. Works for leg cramps and the legs that feel super jumpy.

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Regular tonic water ... no kidding. Hmmm. I’ll try that

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Yup! Even if the tonic water goes flat, it’s fine.

My 10 year old with ADHD has the same issue and his doc also calls it "growing pains". It is just like restless leg syndrome, his legs are intensely uncomfortable, we wants to push his feet against something and firm massage helps. He gets it when he has been extremely physically active and is exhausted. Sometimes it keeps him from falling asleep and sometimes it wakes him up. I give him ibuprofen and rub his legs until he falls asleep.

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I wonder if a weighed blanket would help with that?

My 12 yr old son started struggling with this lately. My weighted blanket has really helped him. He actually now sleeps better than before RLS.