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Update on 8 year old with ADHD/ODD- residential facility

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Hello all,

I wanted to give an update to my ongoing post about my now 8 year old son who resides in residential treatment.

1 year ago, I was dealing with him being hospitalized due to behavior, threats and suicidal verbiage. Sheriffs called at school with a 7 year old is unimaginable.

Through environmental changes, meds, therapy, Nuerofeedback.... the list goes on, I was unsuccessful at providing what my son needed.

The last thing I ever thought I’d have to do, was put the trust in others to give my son what he needed, how could I as a mother not help him.

He’s resided in residential for a year now, and it’s the best opportunity I could have ever had, 7 years old is young but it has also groomed him for our future. Early intervention has saved us from an instilled cycle.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for what amazing results we have had and my baby is almost ready to come home!

They have managed to teach him how to interact with other children, staff, teachers. Impulse control, appropriate behavior control, amongst even the little things he now appreciates and is successful!!!

We never expect perfect, just safe and continued progress.

He’s excited about life, and a new realm I’ve been now blessed to experience.

It’s not for everyone, and the hardest thing a parent will ever have to go through. But I want to give you all hope and other options, we can’t always run to just meds as a fixture (he is on meds, but environmental is what is 90% of his progress) structure, ongoing therapy and a way of teaching them how to deal)

Again, I’m blessed to have given him this opportunity for our future!

I hope to all the parents who struggle, you find a balance that works for you and your family.

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Thank you are sharing.. posting this will help others in need. So happy that he is getting what he needs and hope for a smooth transition home.

Big hug..

Thank you for the update. I have no doubt it was daunting to embark into residential treatment, but it sounds like it has really been so helpful. I hope your son and your family have continued success!

Thank you all for your responses and support!

So good to hear. Will they do a gradual transitioning to home?

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Niko2012 in reply to anirush

Thank you, if he was close to home, yes they would do transitioning. However we live in California and the facility he is at is in Texas unfortunately, but we go out monthly for the weekend to take him off campus and he will stay with us in Texas outside of the facility.

So when he ends treatment he will come straight home, then attend a non-public school that has most of the same services on campus that he receives at the residential facility. Therapy, ongoing support, intervention support, etc.

Can you give more details? Was this a private institution or a state facility? This is remarkable, especially for that age. The programming must be terrific.

Absolutely, its a behavioral center in TX. It Medicaid certified but they also contract with the school districts so our son is actually covered under our district, in which they pay for these services for him to reside there.

Unfortunately he had to go out of CA because most facilities in CA only accepted 8 years and up, and he was only 7 when he started this program.

But he’s being fully educated, even during this time when all schools are out. So we’re even more grateful there’s be no delay in services for him and the other children.

They have a tremendous staff and the most amazing therapists. Super grateful!!!

Thank you and best wishes for you both.

I am glad that was what worked for you and him

Niko2012, thank you for the posts! My son was diagnosed with ADHD last year and he also has ODD symptoms. He's currently on Concerta. He still couldn't focus on schoolwork, and he's addicted to social media and online games. We are considering residential programs. He's 17.5 years old, and will turn 18 at the end of this year, which will affect many legal matters. Does anybody have experiences with residential programs for this age group? Thank you.

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Niko2012 in reply to happydad

Hi! And thanks for replying! Where are you located? That’s a very tough age, especially with him turning 18, however I will say 90% of treatment is environmental. Meaning, his surroundings and overall support system. If you join the journey with them that’s half the battle.

I kept my son busy in things he was so unfamiliar with but gravitated towards it once I would get him out of his comfort zone. These things kept his mind occupied and able to better cope with the world and life. If you’d like someone to talk to, and hear my overall experience that may be helpful. I’m more than happy to email you my contact information. Granted my son is 8, with ADHD and ODD the involvement and investment is the same for results.

Thank you, Niko2012. I am glad you found the problem of your son at an earlier age so that you can try many options. For my 17-year old son, the situation could be quite different now.

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Niko2012 in reply to happydad

There are still many options. Don’t stop there, where my son resides they have all ages up to adults. Where are you located, maybe that would be a good start. 🙏🏼

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happydad in reply to Niko2012

Thanks. We are in California. We are doing more research on this topic.

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Niko2012 in reply to happydad

Ok great! I’m in CA also. Well if you ever have any questions let me know. I can try and be helpful

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