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Newly Diagnosed


My 7 year old daughter is newly diagnosed with ADHD combined type. Also diagnosed with anxiety and a language based learning disability. She manages to be VERY well behaved at school because she's either anxious or making up stories in her head. The school think she's fine aside from not being able to write....last year she had RTI for reading.

But ADHD specific. I've requested a meeting for a 504 plan. What are some interventions to begin with to support her success. We are also starting Metadate long acting this weekend. We've decided that I'm going to start picking her up from school rather than the long bus ride in order for to have more play time.

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We are currently seeing a Psychoeducational Consultant. She is a Psychologist who tests for a ton of things including IQ, the processes in which a child learns best, depression, anxiety, dexterity, a whole load of things. I was told it will help us know how his brain works best so that we can form a plan for him. She asked me a lot of questions about his history and what my concerns were. She asked me if there was anything I wanted her to check for. His teacher is filling out a questionnaire and we (his parents) are filling out a questionnaire. I am hopeful that this will give us some clue as to how we can specifically help him out. That’s all I can offer.

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I also just completed a private assessment/evaluation for my 12 yr old son. The final report has a lot of valuable information not just for home but accommodations for his school. Good luck! Not an easy road

The school May be able to do an evaluation. We went with a private neuropsychologist for a throrough diagnosis & extensive accommodations list.

In the short term, here is a list of ideas from an ADHD researcher I respect a lot, Russell Barkley. You may not need all of the suggestions:

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