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Special Aid Classes


Hello All,

I will be having a meeting on Friday regarding my sons behavior. Lately he has been having more tantrums and got to the point of actually hitting his Aid. I received a called from the Principal and she suggested to switch him to a smaller group in special aid classes. I know, he needs the help and the attention but i am also worried that the change of new classmates and teacher might confuse him even more. His ADHD is severe, commingle with ODD... My husband is also ok with the change... i just need to hear from you guys because sometimes family just tells me what they think I need to hear... Please help!

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Sebastian28- It is my advice that you go look at the classroom to see if it is a good fit for your son. Something is not always better, if the children in the classroom is not what you are looking for then I would suggest more intervention where he is at.

Kids are much better at things than we give credit for so I would not worry about his transition, it might take a while while to settle in. It is always best to keep kids in the least restrictive environment. I would also get a feel for this new teacher, who that person be a good match for your child.

Beat of luck.

Thank you for your time... I went to see the classrooms today. It happened that one of the teachers is close to Sebastian, that makes me feel a bit better, i also had a talk to my son last night and he did not say anything while I was explaining some of the possible changes, about 10 minutes after, he said "mom, is it okay if I make a small crack on my tablet"? I said, no is not OK but can you tell me why would you want to do that for? He said it will make me feel better, i feel confused.

I hugged him and said its ok...you will be ok... I did not know what else to say :(

So excited you saw the class and got a feel for it. I would not be surprised that you might see some behavior changes in him and that he might not be able to express.

Changes in the educational system are not permanent so if you get there and it doesn't work out after giving it a good try you can always ask for a change back with more interventions.

If I were in your shoes I would have explained that if your son needs another way to express himself you could find it. But if he breaks his tablet the consequence is that it might stop working then he would not have it...

Sometimes our kids need to understand the outcome before they do something and it might stop them from doing it.

Best of luck, hope it all goes well.. let us know what happens.

You should if you can observe the situation. Ask him what happened? Volunteer in his classb if you can a few times a week a defiently watch when no one is watching you. You can't. Always trust a teacher's word. Good luck

I love the suggestion of observing the room! It's in our nature to want to protect our kiddos, so we fear that change for them. But I also think we struggle more with change than our kids. Best wishes moving forward.I hope the change is for the best! Saying a quick prayer.

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